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*, Shrihari and Kumar, R and Gandhi, KS and Natarajan, KA

AI-Robaee, Mansour S and Krishna, Ghanashyam M and Rao, Narasimha K and Mohan, S

Acharya, JK and Prakash, V and Rao, AGA and Savithri, HS and Rao, NA

(1991)Interactions of methoxyamine with pyridoxal-5'-phosphate-Schiff's base at the active site of sheep liver serine hydroxymethyltransferase.

Akella, Vijay Ahaskar and Khincha, HP and Kumar, Sreerama R

Al-Robaee, Mansour S and Krishna, Ghanashyam M and Rao, Narasimha K and Mohan, S

Albert, IDL and Ramasesha, S and Das, PK

Albert, IDL and Das, Puspendu K and Ramasesha, S

Albert, IDL and Ramasesha, S

(1991)Role of $\sigma-\pi$ interactions on linear and nonlinear susceptibilities in polyenes.

Allam, MM and Rao, Subba KS and Subramanya, BVV

Anand, V and Chanakya, HN and Rajan, MGC

Ananthraj, S and Rao, KJ

Anavekar, RV and Devaraj, N and Ramakrishna, J

(1991)Direct current electrical resistivity of zinc borate glasses containing transition metal oxides.

Annakutty, Kunnappallil S and Kishore, Kaushal

Aradhya, KSS and Surappa, MK

(1991)Estimation of mechanical properties of 6061 Al---SiCp composites using finite element method.

Arakeri, VH and Satyanarayana, SG and Mani, K and Sharma, SD

Arndt, REA and Arakeri, VH and Higuchi, H

269 -289.

Ayyoob, M and Hegde, MS

(1991)Coadsorption of barium and oxygen on nickel-effect on oxide nucleation: Photoelectron spectroscopic studies.

Azad, AM and Jacob, KT and Sreedharan, OM

Babu, Ruppa Kamalesh P and Krishnamurthy, Setharampattu S and Nethaji, Munirathinam

Bagchi, B and Chandra, A

Bagchi, B and Chandra, A

Bagchi, Biman

Bahadur, Asath S and Nethaji, M and Rajaram, RK

Bai, Pramila BN and Biswas, SK

(1991)Effect of magnesium addition and heat treatment on mild wear of hypoeutectic aluminium-silicon alloys.

Balachandra, TC and Ravindran, K and Nagabhushana, GR

(1991)Numerical estimation of hotspot temperatures in electrodes subjected to pulsed electron beam heating in vacuum.

Balagurusamy, VSK and Baranidharan, S and Gopal, ESR and Sasisekharan, V

Balaji, PV and Saenger, W and Rao, VSR

Balaji, PV and Saenger, W and Rao, VSR

(1991)Modes of binding of guanosine monophosphates to ribonuclease T1 - A computer modelling study.

Balakrishna, MS and Krishnamurthy, SS

Balakrishna, Maravanji S and Krishnamurthy, Setharampattu S and Manohar, Hattikudur

Balaram, P

Balaram, P and Ramaseshan, S

Balasubramanyam, SN

Balasubramanyan, DR and Bhat, SV

Balu, R and Marathe, AG and Paul, PJ and Mukunda, HS

(1991)Analysis of performance of a hot gas injection thrust vector control system.

Banerjee, Rahul and Dhanaraj, Venugopal and Mahanta, Sanjeev K and Surolia, Avadhesha and Vijayan, Mamannamana

(1991)Preparation and x-ray characterization of four new crystal forms of Jacalin, a lectin from Artocarpus integrifolia.

Banerjeet, S and Srinivasan, MR and Raychaudhurit, AK and Bhatt, HL and Niwlout, YF

Baruah, Jubaraj B and Samuelson, Ashoka G

Baskaran, Rajasekharan and Rao, MRS

(1991)Mammalian spermatid specific protein, TP2, is a zinc metalloprotein with two finger motifs.

Begum, Noor Shahina and Venkatesan, K

Bera, RK and Chakrabarti, A

Bhandaru, Malini K and Murty, Narasimha M

Bhanu, VA and Kishore, K

99 -117.

Bharathi, Vijaya L and Chakrabarti, A

Bhaskarwar, Ashok N and Kumar, R

Bhat, MSN and Surappa, MK and Nayak, Sudhaker HV

(1991)Corrosion behaviour of silicon carbide particle reinforced 6061/AI alloy composites.

Bhat, SV and Gawad, Abdel MMH

Bhat, SV and Srinivasu, VV

(1991)Temperature-dependent phase reversal of nonresonant microwave and rf absorption in high-$T_c$ superconductors.

Bhat, Seetharama M and Sreenatha, AG and Shrivastava, SK

Bhattacharjee, Biplab and Rangarajan, SK

(1991)Adsorption-nucleation/growth based model for electrochemical phase formation and Avrami ansatz for a multicomponent competitive growth process.

Bhattacharya, TK

(1991)Clutter rejection behavior of phase and frequency coded (PFSK) pulse bursts.

Bhyrappa, P and Krishnan, V

Biswas, NN and Bhattacharyya, SK

Biswas, NN and Murthy, TVMK and Chandrasekhar, M

Biswas, SK and Ramesh, M

Bittles, AH and Mason, MW and Greene, J and Rao, NA

Boniface, V and Simha, KRY

Borkar, VS

Borkar, VS

Borkar, VS

Borkar, VS and Ghosh, Mrinal K

Boyd , Jonathan and Hommel , Ulrich and Krishnan, VV

(1991)Influence of cross-correlation between dipolar and chemical shift anisotropy relaxation mechanisms upon the transverse relaxation rates of 15N in macromolecules.

Chainani, A and Sarma, DD

(1991)Calculated oxygen 1s core-level photoemission spectra from cuprate superconductors.

Chakravarti, SP

Chakravartty, JK and Prasad , YVRK and Asundi, MK

Chakravarty, Purandar and Reddy, NM and Reddy, KPJ

Chanda, M and Rempel, GL

Chanda, M and Rempel, GL

(1991)Selective sorption of ferric ion onto a crosslinked resin bearing triphenylphosphinimine residues.

Chandra, A and Bagchi, B

(1991)Effects of solvent viscoelasticity in the solvation dynamics of an ion in a dense dipolar liquid.

Chandra, A and Bagchi, B

3177 -3182.

Chandra, A and Bagchi, B

(1991)Molecular theory of dielectric relaxation in a dense binary dipolar liquid.

Chandra, A and Bagchi, B

(1991)Molecular theory of solvation and solvation dynamics in a binary dipolar liquid.

Chandra, A and Bagchi, Biman

(1991)Relaxation dominated by inertia: Solvation dynamics of a small ion in a dipolar solvent.

Chandra, Amalendu and Bagchi, Biman

Chandra, Sarath D and Avadhani, GS and Kishore, *

Chandra, Sarath D and Rao, RMVGK and Kishore, *

(1991)Effect of SiC particles on compressive strength and fracture features of glass/phenolic composites.

Chandra, Sarath D and Rao, RMVGK and Kishore, *

(1991)Effect of post-curing on the mechanical properties and fracture features of some glass-phenolic composites.

Chandra, Sharat H

137 -146.

Chandrasekaran, T and Natarajan, KA and Kishore, *

Chandrasekhar, J and Das, Puspendu Kumar

Chandrashekara, K and Gadagkar, R

Chandrashekara, K and Gadagkar, Raghavendra

Chandrashekaran, A and Krishnamurthy, SS and Nethaji, M

(1991)Novel coordination behaviour of gem-bis (pyrazolyl) cyclotriphosphazenes as tridentate NNN-donor ligands: The crystal structure of [Mo(CO)3{N3P3Ph4(3,5-Me2C3HN2)2}].

Chandrashekhara, K and Kumar, BS

Chatterjee, R and Narayanan, KG and Kumar, A

Chatterjee, SK and Hashida, H and Chatterjee, R

Chattopadhyay, P and Das, Krishna

(1991)Control of barrier height of MIS tunnel diodes using deep level impurities.

Cherayil, Binny J

Chitoor, Suresh S and Murty, Narasimha M and Bhandaru, Malini K

Chockalingam, A and Venkataram, P and Prabhakar, A

(1991)Throughput analysis of a class of multiaccess protocol for packet radio networks with capture effect.

Chockalingam, A and Venkataram, P and Prabhakar, A

Chouhan, Harish M and Anand, GV

(1991)A new technique of acoustic mode filtering in shallow sea.

DSilva, Sydney Z and Choudhuri, Arnab Rai

Daniels, Ranjit RJ

Daniels, Ranjit RJ

Daniels, Ranjit RJ and Hegde, Malati and Joshi, NV and Gadgil, Madhav

Das, BK and Chakravarty, AR

Das, Birinchi K and Chakravarty, Akhil R

(1991)The first structurally characterized diruthenium(II,III) complex with four bridging arylcarboxylato ligands.

Das, Sajal Kumar and Sarkar, Dilip and Agrawal, VK and Patnaik, LM

(1991)Extended colored Petri net: An efficient tool for analyzing concurrent systems.

Dasgupta, C and Indrani, AV and Ramaswamy, S and Phani, MK

Dasgupta, C and Ramakrishnan, TV

Dash, PK and Saha, S and Nanda, PK and Khincha, HP

Dave, Maulik A and Srikant, YN

Deshpande, Varsha and Dasgupta, Chandan

Deshpande, Varsha and Dasgupta, Chandan

(1991)A neural network for storing individual patterns in limit cycles.

Devasia, Preston

Devi, CDS and Takhar , HS and Nath, G

(1991)Unsteady mixed convection flow in stagnation region adjacent to a vertical surface.

Devi, Sujatha P and Rao, Subba M

Devi, Susheela and Gupta, Sen DP and Sargunaraj, Samuel

Deya, J and Narasimha, R

(1991)Effect of favorable pressure gradient on transitional spot formation rate.

Dhahir, TA Al and Bhat, HL and Narayanan, PS and Jayaraman, A

Dhanaraj, G and Srinivasan, MR and Bhat, HL

(1991)Vibrational spectroscopic study of L-arginine phosphate monohydrate (LAP), a new organic non-linear crystal.

Dhanaraj, G and Shripathi, T and Bhat, HL

Dhua, SK and Raju, S and Chattopadhyay, K

Dinesh, K and Anvekar, * and Sonde, BE

Drakshayani, DN and Mallya, RM

(1991)Reactivity with hydrogen of pure iron oxide and of iron oxides doped with oxides of Mn, Co, Ni and Cu.

Dwarakanath, HV and Nagaraj, TS

Easwaran, V and Munjal, ML

(1991)Transfer matrix modeling of hyperbolic and parabolic ducts with incompressible mean flow.

Ebner, C and Krishnamurthy, HR and Pandit, Rahul

Gadagkar, R and Bhagavan, S and Malpe, R and Vinutha, C

(1991)Seasonal variation in the onset of egg laying in a primitively eusocial wasp: implications for the evolution of sociality.

Gadagkar, R and Chandarshekara, K and Chandran, S and Bhagavan, S

Gadagkar, Raghavendra

Gadagkar, Raghavendra

Gadagkar, Raghavendra

(1991)On testing the role of genetic asymmetries created by haplodiploidy in the evolution of eusociality in the Hymenoptera.

Gadagkar, Raghavendra and Bhagavan, Seetha and Chandrashekara, K and Vinutha, C

(1991)The role of larval nutrition in pre-imaginal biasing of caste in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata (Hymenoptera: Vespidae).

Gadgil, Madhav

Gadgil, Madhav

Gaikwad, Amos S and Ramasarma, T and Kurup, Ramakrishna CK

(1991)Brown adipose tissue mitochondria are cytochrome c — subsaturated.

Gammie, Charles F and Ostriker, Jeremiah P and Jog, Chanda J

Ganeshaiah , KN and Shaanker, Uma R and Joshi, NV

Ganguly , P and Infante, C and Siddiqi, SA and Sreedhar, K

(1991)Correlations between frequency of infra-red active vibrational modes and copper-oxygen distance in copper oxides.

Ghose, D

Ghose, D and Prasad, UR

Ghose, D and Prasad, UR

Ghosh, Falguni and Sen, Indraneel

Ghoshal, SK and Rajaraman, V

Girija, Talupuru and Shanker, Sathya P and Rao, Subba GSR

Goel, V and Venkatesh, YV

(1991)On an optimal and faster construction of linear quadtrees from raster-scanned images.

Gopakumar, K and Ranganathan, VT and Bhat, SR

Gopal, Ravi B and Vani, VC and Guha, S and Gopal, ESR

(1991)Density inversion in the binary liquid system cyclohexane + aceto nitrile.

Gopalakrishnan, J and Vijayaraghavan, R and Nagarajan, R and Shivakumara, C

Gopinath, CS and Subramanian, S

Goswami, Prashanth and Goswami, BN

Goswami, BN and Selvarajan, Sudha

(1991)Convergence feedback and unstable low frequency oscillations in a simple coupled ocean‐atmosphere model.

Govindan, VK and Shivaprasad, AP

Gowda, Nagana GA and Weissa, RG and Khetrapal, CL

(1991)Silver nitrate-acetonitrile and iodine-benzene complexes as studied by NMR in thermotropic liquid crystals.

Grantscharova, Emilia and Raju, Addepalli R and Rao, Ramachandra CN

Gunasekhar, KR and Mohan, S

Gupta, D and Subramaniam, S and Lahiri, AK

Gupta, Rajan and Baillie, Clive F and Brickner, Ralph G and Kilcup, Gregory W and Patel, Apoorva D and Sharpe, Stephen R

Gupta, Rajan and Patel, Apoorva D and Baillie, Clive F and Kilcup, Gregory W and Sharpe, Stephen R

Hajra, JP

Hajra, JP and Mazumdar, B

Haldar, S and Subramanian, DK

Haldar, S and Subramanian, DK

Hariharan, Srikanth and Mukhopadhyay, PK and Raychaudhuri, AK

Harikumar, HK and Murty, Krishna AV

Hattman, Stanley and Newman, Laurel and Murthy, Krishna HM and Nagaraja, Valakunja

(1991)Com, the phage Mu mom translational activator, is a zinc-binding protein that binds specifically to its cognate mRNA.

Hegde, Ramesh and Podder, SK and Maitia, TK

(1991)Purification and characterization of three toxins and two agglutinins from Abrus precatorius seed by using lactamyl-Sepharose affinity chromatography.

Hegde, Ramesh and Podder, Sunil K

Hohmann, G

Hohmann, G and Vogl, L

(1991)Loud calls of male Nilgiri langurs (Presbytis johnii): Age-, individual-, and population-specific differences.

Isabella, L and Karle, IL and Flippen-Anderson, Judith L and Sukumar, M and Uma, K and Balaram, P

Crystal structure of two seven-residue helical peptide segments linked by .epsilon.-aminocaproic acid.

Iyengar, RN

Iyengar, RN

Iyengar, RN and Manohar, CS

(1991)Rocking response of rectangular rigid blocks under random noise base excitations.

Iyengar, Sundara Raja KT

Iyer, Suman B and Kumar, Vikram and Harshavardhan, KS

Jacob, ANK and Savithri, HS

Jacob, KT and Mathews, T

Jacob, KT and Sreedharan, OM and Azad, AM

Jacob, KT and Swaminathan, K and Sreedharan, OM

Jagannatha, HM and Sharma, Umender K and Ramaseshan, Tara and Surolia, A and Balganesh, TS

(1991)Identification of carbohydrate structures as receptors for localised adherent enteropathogenic Escherichia coli.

Jain, Kamal Kumar and Jacob, James and Srinivas, MK

Jasmeer, KA and Srikant, YN and Chidambara, MR

Jayannavar, AM

Jayannavar, AM

611 -619.

Jayannavar, AM and Kumar, N

Jayaprakash, C and Krishnamurthy, HR and Sarker, S and Wenzel, W

Jayaram, SK and Kasturi, TR

385 -389.

Jayaraman, KS and Kasturi, TR

Jha, RM and Edwards, DJ and Bhakthavathsalam, R

(1991)Application of novel method for surface-ray tracing over hyperboloidal scatterers.

Jog, Chanda J and Solomon, PM

Joshi, NV and Gadgil, Madhav

Jyotsna, R and Rao, Kesava K

(1991)Steady incompressible flow of cohesionless granular materials through a wedge-shaped hopper: Frictional 14kinetic solution to the smooth wall, radial gravity problem.

Kale, Girish M

Kalvakolanu, DVR and Abraham, A

Kamala, GV

Kannan, AM and Shukla, AK

(1991)Rechargeable iron/air cells employing bifunctional oxygen electrodes of oxide pyrochlores.

Kannan, P and Gangadhara, * and Kishore, K

(1991)Synthesis and spectral studies of polyamide-phosphate esters from phosphine-oxide-containing diols with aryl phosphorodichloridates and their thermal and flammability behaviour.

Kannan, P and Kishore, K

Kar, Subrat and Selvarajan, A

In: 1991 IEEE Region 10 International Conference on EC3-Energy, Computer, Communication and Control Systems, TENCON '91, 28-30 August, New Delhi,India, Vol.3, 321-324.

Karande, AA and Adiga, PR

(1991)Early pregnancy termination in rats immunized with denatured chicken riboflavin carrier protein.

Karande, Anjali A and Velua , Kuzhandhai N and Adiga, Radhakantha P

(1991)A monoclonal antibody recognizing the C-terminal region of chicken egg white riboflavin carrier protein terminates early pregnancy in mice.

Karle, Isabella L and Flippen-Anderson, Judith L and Agarwalla, Sanjay and Balaram, Padmanabhan

Karthikeyan, Sakthivel and Krishnamurthy, Setharampattu S

Karunanithi, R and Raychaudhuri, AK and Szücs, Z and Shivashankar, GV

Kasturi, TR and Chandra, R

Kasturi, TR and Charyulu, PVPP and Prasad, Ganesh KB

Kasturi, TR and Mandal, AB and Reddy, Amruta P and Prasad, Ganesha KB and Rajasekhar, B

Kasturi, TR and Pragnacharyulu, PVP and Reddy, Amrutha P

Kaul, RK and Govindarajan, TR

Kaul, RK and Rajaraman, R

Kaushal, S and Tankala, T and Rao, RMVGK and Kishore, *

(1991)Some hygrothermal effects on the mechanical behaviour and fractography of glass-epoxy composites with modified interface.

Keerthi, SS and Sridharan, K

Khan, MM and Nema, RS

Khetrapal, CL and Ramanathan, KV

Kim , DH and Chattopadhyay, K and Cantor, B

(1991)Quasicrystalline and related crystalline phases in a rapidly solidified 2024-2Li aluminium alloy.

Kishore, K and Kannan, P and Iyanar, K

(1991)Synthesis, characterization, and fire retardancy of ferrocene containing polyphosphate esters.

Kovatchev, D and Hewat, AW and Rangavittal, N and Manivannan, V and Row, Guru TN and Rao, CNR

Krishan, S

Krishna, MG and Muralidhar, GK and Rao, KN and Rao, GM and Mohan, S

(1991)A novel electron beam evaporation technique for the deposition of superconducting thin films.

Krishnamoorthy, TV and Babu, PK and Ramakrishna, J

Krishnamoorthy, TV and Ramakrishna, J and Babu, PK

Krishnamurthy, SS

Krishnan, R and Madyastha, KM and Seshadri, TP and Viswamitra, MA

(1991)The identification of 14 alpha,17 beta-dihydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one monohydrate and 14 alpha,17 beta-dihydroxyandrosta-1,4-dien-3-one monohydrate, metabolites of androstenedione in Mucor piriformis.

Krishnan, R and Seshadri, TP and Viswamitra, MA

(1991)Visualisation of a 2′-5′ parallel stranded double helix at atomic resolution: crystal structure of cytidylyl-2′,5′-adenosine.

Krishnan, VV and Hegde, Usha and Kumar, Anil

Krishnan, VV and Shekar, SC and Kumar, Anil

(1991)Simultaneous observation of positive and negative NOE in biomolecules: a bistable jump model for segmental motion with modulation of internuclear distances.

Krishnan , VV and Kumar, Anil

(1991)Dipolar cross-correlation effects in the nuclear overhauser experiments of weakly and strongly coupled spins.

Kulkarni, GU and Rao, CNR

Kulkarni, GU and Rao, CNR and Sankar, G

Kulkarni, UD and Banerjee, S and Ranganathan, S

Kumar, Mohan J and Patnaik, LM

Kumar, Amarendra V and Venkatesan, K

Kumar, Anil and Brown, Stephen C and Donlan, Mary E and Meierc, Beat U and Jeffs, Peter W

Kumar, Mohan J and Patnaik, LM

Kumar, N

Kumar, NRS and Nethaji, M and Patil, KC

Kumar, NRS and Nethaji, M and Patil, KC

Kumar, Om RV and Banerji, A and Kurup, Ramakrishna CK and Ramasarma, T

(1991)The nature of inhibition of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA reductase by garlic-derived diallyl disulfide.

Kumar, Sampath HP and Padma, DK

(1991)A convenient and high-yield synthesis for pyridinium and metal hexafluorocomplexes of vanadium, chromium, iron and cobalt.

Kumar, Sanjeev and Kumar, R and Gandhi, KS

Kumar, Shiva and Srinivas, T and Selvarajan, A

Kumar, Sreerama R and Ramanujar, R and Khincha, HP and Jenkins, L

Kumar , Sreenivasa KR and Nethaji , M and Patil, KC

333 -337.

Kumaravel, SS and Krishnamurthy, SS and Day, RO and Holmes, RR

Kumari, M and Takhar, HS and Nath, G

Kusuma, GR and Raman, Sethu and Prabhu, A

(1991)Boundary-layer heights over the monsoon trough region during active and break phases.

Kutty, TRN

(1991)A controlled copper-coating method for the preparation of $ZnS:Mn$ DC electroluminescent powder phosphors.

Kutty, TRN and Ravi, V

Kutty, TRN and Ravi, V

Lagu, AV and Singh, AK

Lakshmi, MVS and Ramkumar, K and Satyam, M

(1991)Role of a silver buffer layer on the superconducting Y-Ba-Cu-O films deposited by screen printing on alumina substrates.

Lakshmi, MVS and Ramkumar, K and Satyam , M

Madhavi, B and Kumar, Anurag

Madhusudan, * and Vijayan, M

(1991)Rigid and flexible region in lysozyme and the invariant features in its hydration shell.

Madyastha, KM and Raj, Paul C

Mahadevan, Indu and Patnaik, LM

Mahapatra, Pravas R and Zrnic, Dusan S

Mahato, Mangal C and Krishnamurthy, HR and Ramakrishnan, TV

Maheshwari, Ramesh

Maheshwari, Ramesh

(1991)A new genotype of Neurospora crassa that selectively produces abundant microconidia in submerged shake culture.

Makur, Anamitra

Malhotra, P and Karande, AA and Prasadan, TK and Adiga, PR

Malik, RP

Malik, RP

Malik, RP and Behera, N and Kaul, RK

Mall, R and Patnaik, LM

Mall, R and Patnaik, LM

Mall, R and Patnaik, LM

Mall, R and Patnaik, LM

Mall, R and Patnaik, LM and Raman, Srilata

Mandal, Chitra and Biswas, Margaret and Nagpurkar, Arun and Mookerje, Sailen

Mandal, RK and Sastry, GVS and Lele, S and Ranganathan, S

Mandal, Sisir K and Chakravarty, Akhil R

(1991)Diastereoisomeric (η6-arene)ruthenium(II) chiral Schiff base complexes: crystal structure of a triphenylphosphine adduct.

Mandal, Sisir K and Chakravarty, Akhil R

Manivannan, V and Gopalakrishnan, J and Rao, CNR

Manivannan, V and Vasanthacharya, NY and Gopalakrishnan, J

Manohar, CS and Iyengar, RN

Manohar, CS and Iyengar, RN

Manohar, Premila and Chandrasekharaiah, HS

Mathew, Rajamma and Dutt, Narayana D

Mathews, II and Joy, PA and Vasudevan, S and Manohar, H

(1991)Synthetic, spectroscopic, magnetic, and x-ray structural studies on a vitamin B6-amino acid Schiff base complex, aqua(5'-phosphopyridoxylidenetyrosinato)copper(II) tetrahydrate.

2181 -2185.

Mathews, II and Manohar, H

Mathews, II and Manohar, H

(1991)A novel amino acid racemization in vitamin b6-amino acid schiff base copper complexes: crystal structures of aquo (5'-phosphopyridoxylidene-dl-tyrosinato) copper(II) 3.5H2O and aquo (5'-phosphopyridoxylidene-dl-phenylalaninato) copper(II) 2.5H2O.

Mathews , Irimpan I and Manohar, Hattikudur

(1991)Crystallographic identification of a ‘stepped-cubane’ structure for the Cu4O4 core in [Cu4L2(bipy)4(µ3-OH)2][ClO4]4(HL = 5-hydroxy-6-methylpyridine-,4-dimethanol, bipy = 2,2′-bipyridine).

Mathews , Irimpan I and Manohar, Hattikudur

(1991)Isolation and characterization of a novel multibridged tetradentate dianionic form of pyridoxic acid.

Mathews , Irimpan I and Manohar, Hattikudur

(1991)Synthesis, spectral and structural studies on metal complexes of Schiff bases involving vitamin B6 and histamine.

Mathiazhagan, C and Reddy, KPJ and Reddy, NM

Matsubara, E and Waseda, Y and Jacob, KT

(1991)Structural study of YBa2Cu3O7 x thin films using the grazing incidence X ray scattering method.

Matsubara, E and Waseda, Y and Jacob, KT

(1991)Structural study of YBa2Cu3O7?x thin filsm using the grazing incidence X-ray scattering method.

Mayya, YD

McComb, TR and Chagas, FA and Feser, K and Gururaj, BI and Hughes, RC and Rizzi, G

Mehta, G and Karra, SR

Mehta, Goverdhan and Reddy, Raja K and Gleiter, Rolf and Lalitha, S and Chandrasekhar, Jayaraman

7048 -7055.

Mehta, Goverdhan and Sreenivasa , M and Radhakrishnan, R and Manjula, MV and Viswamitra, MA

(1991)Alkaloid synthesis: stereoselective approach towards fawcettimine-serratinine group of lycopodium alkaloids.

Mehta, Mayanik R

2811 -2817.

Mehta, Mayank R

Mehta, Mayank R

Mishra, AK and Bhattacharjee, B and Rangarajan, SK

Misra, Rajeev and Kumar, Mohan MS and Sridharan, K

Mohan, KS and Gopinathan, KP

Mohanty, D and Bansal, M

(1991)DNA polymorphism and local variation in base-pair orientation: a theoretical rationale.

Mondal, TK and Gopala, ESR

2613 -2619.

Monica, Valluri and Jog, Chanda J

(1991)H I deficiency in cluster spiral galaxies - Dependence on galaxy size.

Moona, Rajat and Rajaraman, V

Moona, Rajat and Rajaraman, V

Moorthy, B and Madyastha, P and Madyastha, KM

Moorthy, Balaji T and Vijayasarathi, SK and Basu, A and Madyastha, KM

(1991)Biochemical, histopathological and ultrastructural changes in rat liver induced by r-( + )-pulegone, a monoterpene ketone.

Moorthy, J Narasimha and Venkatesana, Kailasam

Moudgal, NR and Ravindranath, H

(1991)Use of gonadotropin and steroid hormone antibodies in studying specific hormone action in the monkey.

Mukhopadhy, Ananya and Biswas, SK

(1991)Indentation of sintered alumina clay composite - an experimental discussion of a combined Boussinesq and blister stress field approach.

Mukhopadhyay, NK and Ishihara, KN and Ranganathan, S and Chattopadhyay, K

Mukundan, T and Kishore, K

355 -362.

Munichandraiah, N

(1991)Potentiodynamic behaviour of β-lead dioxide in neutral media at positive potentials.

Muniyappa, K and Ramdas, J and Mythili, E and Galande, S

(1991)Homologous pairing between nucleosome cores on a linear duplex DNA and nucleoprotein filaments of RecA protein-single stranded DNA.

Muralidhar, GK and Raju, Naga J and Mohan, S

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5881 -5889.


His work there includes the development of an optical fiber interferometric sensor for the future nanolithography systems and a low-cost high speed optical scanner for metrological applications with a nanometer resolution.

Dr. Hussain did PhD from University of Southampton, England, and worked as a postdoc at, National Physical Laboratory (NPL) of UK, where his task was to develop applications of Phase Conjugate Michelson Interferometers in the area of micro-metrology to observe laser diode wavefront distortions and precision dimensional measurement of gauge blocks.

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