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Overview of AI Libraries in Java

Apache Jena Apache Jena is an open source Java framework for building semantic web and linked data applications from RDF data.

The official website provides a detailed tutorial on how to use this framework with a quick introduction to RDF specification.

d3web is an open source reasoning engine for developing, testing and applying problem-solving knowledge onto a given problem situation, with many algorithms already included.

The official website provides many tutorials and simple theoretical explanations for deep learning and neural networks.

Apache OpenNLP library is a machine learning based toolkit for the processing of natural language text.

Java-ML is an open source Java framework which provides various machine learning algorithms specifically for programmers.

Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms which can be applied directly to the dataset, through the provided GUI or called through the provided API.

ECJ 23 is a Java based research framework with strong algorithmic support for genetic algorithms.

Acceleo is an open source code generator for Eclipse which generates code from EMF models defined from any metamodel (UML, SysML, etc.).

This is a list of some interesting competitions where you can train and test your skills: In this article, we presented various Java AI frameworks which can be used in everyday work.

We also saw that AI is a very wide field with many frameworks and services – all of which can make your applications better and more innovative.

Business Impact Through Scientific Innovation

True digital transformation, beyond just implementing digital technologies and providing training, is a multi-year effort that requires significant commitment from across the organization.

To sustain the change and motivate people for the longer-term prize, it is necessary to deliver incremental and significant business value every 6–12 months.