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PHLAI - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Conference in Philadelphia — Comcast Labs Connect

From improving the efficiency of the customer experience to generating new insights and building deeper relationships with customers, artificial intelligence and machine learning is transforming the way companies around the world engage with their customers.

At this year's conference, we will hear from companies that have already used artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the customer experience, and explore the potential of emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning research and technology to create new and innovative ways to engage with customers.

Pistoia Alliance Webinar: Building trust and accountability: the role user experience design can play in artificial intelligence

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An Introduction | AI UX | Intel Software

Introducing AI UX! Over the next several week you will learn ten guidelines that can assist you as you develop, and design AI based systems. This episode also ...

"The Role of UX Design In AI" by Tom Woodel

"What AI means for UX" by James Clemoes

When Machines Talk Back: How to Use Artificial Intelligence in UX - Dr Simone Stumpf

A talk given at UXPA UKs 'The Future of UI' event - 20th October 2016.

Designing Human-Centered AI Products (Google I/O'19)

Want to learn how Google develops human-centered AI products—and how to avoid common AI-design pitfalls? The People+AI Research (PAIR) team will ...

Artificial Intelligence Products with User-Centered Design | J.P. Morgan

Data is changing the way we work and reshaping business models. Angelique Augereau, Head of Data and Design, and Bruce King-Shey, Head of Design, ...

Predicting Network Behavior Using Machine Learning AI

Artificial Intelligence and the related field of Machine Learning is being increasingly used in applications to learn from data in diverse domains. This has been ...

User Experience When AI Makes all the Decisions | Mischa Weiss-Lijn talk video

Interact London - The UK's leading UX and Design Conference: User Experience When Ai Makes all the Decisions Talk by Mischa ..

Quantifying user experience with AI

In this episode, I share the three various questions I asked myself when building an AI tool that analyzed people's experiences. This is needed because if you ...

Supercharging user experience with machine learning by Ilgun Ilgun

We present a modern approach to pushing content and actions closer to users. Instead of manually scouting user interfaces, a smart search mechanism acts as ...