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Meeri Haataja is the CEO and Co-Founder of Saidot, a start-up with a mission for enabling responsible AI ecosystems.

In this role she initiated a national AI ethics challenge and engaged more than 70 organizations commit to ethical use of AI and define ethics principles.

Society at Harvard University during academic year 2019-2020 with a focus on projects related to building citizen trust through AI transparency &

During her Accenture years she has been working in driving data and analytics strategies and large AI implementation programs in media, telecommunications, high-tech and retail industries.

Ankur Taly Head of Data Science, Fiddler

Previously, he was a Staff Research Scientist at Google Brain where he carried out research in explainable AI, and was most well-known for his contribution to developing and applying Integrated Gradients  — a new interpretability algorithm for Deep Networks.

He has served on several academic conference program committees (PLDI 2014 and 2019, POST 2014, PLAS 2013), delivered several invited lectures at universities and various industry venues, and instructed short-courses at summer schools and conferences.

TF Machine Learning for Programmers (TensorFlow @ O’Reilly AI Conference, San Francisco '18)

In this talk, Laurence Moroney from Google talked about Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning and more, and how they fit the programmers toolkit.

Artificial intelligence in the Capital Markets

Michael speaks at the 'Strata Data Conference' presented by 'O'Reilly' and 'Cloudera'.

Recent trends in data and machine learning technologies - Ben Lorica (O'Reilly Media)

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AI and deep learning is the new big data with Ziya Ma (Intel)

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Strata Data Conference | The future of natural language generation: 2017-2027

Adam Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Automated Insights, talks about the future of NLG during the 2017 Strata Data Conference.

AI for Social Good: Saving our Planet through Data Science (Strata, London)

Talk by Ganes Kesari at O'Reilly Strata Data Conference, London on 30-Apr-2019. Session deck: ...

Hilary Mason Interview - Building AI Products

My guest this time is Hilary Mason. Hilary was one of the first “famous” data scientists. I remember hearing her speak back in 2011 at the Strange Loop ...

AI in Data Science Meetup live from Berlin

Originally live streamed on 22nd February, 2018. We hosted our 3rd Meetup in our AI in Data Science Berlin series. Our Data Science Meetups feature specialist ...

Sustaining ML in the enterprise, Ben Lorica (O'Reilly Media) Strata Data Conference UK 2019

To view more videos from Strata Data Conference, visit: Ben Lorica is the chief data scientist at O'Reilly Media. Ben has applied ..

Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Ajay Agrawal, founder of the Creative Destruction Lab and co-founder of the AI/robotics company Kindred, explored the economics behind the creation of ...