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Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Accelerating the societal benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning while ensuring equity, privacy, transparency, accountability and social impact.

As rapid advances in machine learning (ML) increase the scope and scale of AI’s deployment across all aspects of daily life, and as the technology can learn and change on its own, multistakeholder collaboration is required to optimize accountability, transparency, privacy and impartiality to create trust.

Botkeeper - CPA Summit 2018 - Machine Learning & AI in your Accounting Practice

Botkeeper CEO, Enrico Palmerino, discusses how machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) can help with accounting and bookkeeping.

Conrad! A digital BPM consultant based on AI.

This is our first promotional video showing some of the functionality of Conrad, an intelligent business process management system that uses artificial ...

The Impact of AI on Finance and Investing

AI possibly changing the way the New York Stock Exchange trades is the topic of this episode of The AI Minute. For more on Artificial Intelligence: ...

Panel discussion on the future of artificial intelligence

I was recently invited to moderate a discussion at the excellent Fuel 2017 technology and innovation conference, hosted by Belgian media company Medialaan.

Artificial Intelligence: How It Will Impact the Financial Industry

Artificial Intelligence: How It Will Impact the Financial Industry ..

Machine Learning, AI and Bots: Enhancing Business Operations | JourneyTEAM Microsoft Partner

| Innovation is moving forward with new possibilities...Experience the intelligence built into the Microsoft products and services you ..

The Convergence of Blockchain, Machine Learning, and the Cloud | Steve Lund | TEDxBYU

Technologies such as Blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the Cloud have now been tested and validated by the market, creating a ...

Talking Tech and AI in Accountancy

Andrew Moyser, a Partner at accountancy firm MHA Macintyre Hudson and part of Baker Tilly International, talks about how tech and AI is impacting the ...

Building Smarter Software Robots with Robotic Process Automation & Google Cloud AI (Cloud Next '19)

Business Process Automation is driving seismic business change across the workplace with both routine and non-routine based tasks already being ...

How AI is Changing Consulting

Harvard Business Review Facebook Live Presentation.