AI News, Machine Learning (ML) Jobs for February 2020

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Advanced algorithms within the field of computer science have reached stunning complexity, and their capacity to predict, model, and analyze data has turned into a specialized subfield in its own right.

Through the development and study of these algorithms, scientists and mathematicians have generated powerful techniques, such as the biologically-inspired artificial neural networks, Bayesian networks, and others that not only predict subtle trends within data but can also actively change their own predictive qualities and parameters, making them efficient and effective systems.

Is Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Evergreen Jobs?

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SkillLync #MechanicalEngineering #ML&AI Here is the part-1 of the exclusive workshop video on Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

LIVE: Big-Data & Cloud Storage for ML/AI Applications | Applied AI Course

We will give an introductory overview of various big-data storage technologies and cloud-based data-stores for ML/AI applications.

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SkillLync #MechanicalEngineering #ML&AI Here is the part-2 of the exclusive workshop video on Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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