AI News, Machine Learning Misconceptions – Infographic from our Expert Consensus

Machine Learning Misconceptions – Infographic from our Expert Consensus

Machine learning offers an opportunity to leverage competition and new forms of collaboration in order to yield new products, services, and entire business models…

This is exactly why TechEmergence set out to ask the question: “What do you believe to be the biggest misconception that executives and businesspeople have in applying machine learning to business opportunities?” Tapping into our hundreds of interviews (on our podcast and otherwise), as well as reaching out to other experts in the field, allowed us to glean valuable insight from researchers and executives across the globe.

 Anima Anandkumar of University of California at Irvine reinforces this point by reminding executives that machine learning tools present valuable opportunities for collaboration between machines and human, but they are there to augment and expand our knowledge, not to replace us. Joscha Bach, a researcher at Harvard and MIT, expands on this idea, describing the machine learning systems that we’re creating as new systems or paradigms within which to live and work, as opposed to creating separate “intelligent”

in other words, there exist many more opportunities to use different kinds of data in innovative ways, as voiced by Patrick Ehlen, head of Deep Learning at Loop AI Labs. This idea was recently demonstrated in creative fashion by the technology and consulting firm Accenture, which created an AI-inspired symphony with the explicit goal of attracting the attention of business investors in the untapped possibilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

It’s inevitable that mistakes will be made, particularly when first implementing machine learning solutions, but having as good an understanding of the technology and as clear a roadmap from the beginning helps ease the transition and opens more quickly doors for innovation.

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