AI News, Machine Learning in Javascript: Introduction

Machine Learning in Javascript: Introduction

Instead, they rely on Python libraries to do the work for them, and end up not truly grasping what's happening inside the black box.

Through this series of articles, I'll teach you the fundamental machine learning algorithms using Javascript -- not Python or Octave -- as the example language.

Originally I intended to write these articles in a variety of languages (PHP, JS, Perl, C, Ruby), but decided to stick with Javascript for the following reasons: It's possible to get excellent performance out of ML algorithms in languages like PHP and Javascript.

I advocate writing ML algorithms in other languages because the practice of writing ML algorithms from scratch helps you learn them fundamentally, and it also helps you unify your backend by not requiring a Python script to do processing in the middle of a PHP application.

The advantage of NumPy or Matlab is not in their ability to do matrix operations, it's in the fact that they use optimized algorithms to do so -- things you wouldn't be able to do yourself unless you dedicate yourself to learning computational linear algebra.

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