AI News, Machine Learning in Healthcare: Expert Consensus from 50+ Executives

Machine Learning in Healthcare: Expert Consensus from 50+ Executives

The last few years have yielded a tremendous amount of attention at the intersection of AI and healthcare, from DeepMind’s partnership with the UK’s National Health Service to IBM’s continued pushes into areas of genomics and drug discovery.

From the perspective of healthcare executives, however, many important questions are left unanswered and rarely addressed in detail: What difference are healthcare’s machine learning innovations likely to make in the lives of patients?

We aimed to do the hard work of separating the companies actually applying AI from those who use it as a buzzword (over 15 of our initial survey responses were turned down due to lack of evidence of real AI in use), presenting important predictions and industry insights in clear and interactive charts and graphs.

The following research article is broken down into five sections: We realize that not all readers will have the time to explore each of our charts and graphs in detail, so we’ve extracted what we consider to be the five most important research insights : Continue reading for full detail on our findings: The research below is broken down into 10 sections of insight, each of which includes: Most of our charts and graphs allow readers to explore the data actively though different participant “segments”

We’ve used the legend key below to visually differentiate between segments of respondents who participated in this survey: We set out to make our data sets insightful and easy to explore for our business audience.

In addition to selecting and de-selecting segments, readers can hover over specific data points in each chart to see exact numbers and percentages per segment response (this “hover-over”

Though we did not collect reasons or motivations for establish headquarters in one location over another, the density seems to reflect both the massive prevalence of venture money in the Bay Area, as well as the increasing concentration of young startups beginning their journey in San Francisco as opposed to “the valley”

The graph above includes only those responses that related directly to a specific condition or a class of conditions that respondents believe to be bettered by the advent of AI tools in healthcare.

This portion of the survey essentially asked respondents by what date they would expect AI to be used widely across most functions of healthcare, a reality that we are admittedly far from today.

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