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40 Must-Read Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning Blogs

To keep up to date on the latest industry news, machine learning blogs are a valuable, yet sometimes overlooked, resource.

In the world of artificial intelligence, there is an abundance of blogs that offer illuminating perspectives on recent trends, new products, and industry news.

For any budding machine learning engineer, spending time in the AI blogosphere will not only help your prospects for career advancement but also keep you connected to the broader AI community.

The site’s non-technical guide to artificial intelligence is also particularly useful for those who are interested in jumping into the world of machine learning but don’t have the technical background.

The Spectator Shakir Mohamed, a research scientist at DeepMind, writes about machine learning tips and tricks on his blog, named after an English publication that circulated in the early 18th century.

Many of Mohamed’s articles, including a recent post on making artificial intelligence truly global, are thought-provoking and consider the broader implications of AI on the world around us.

Domino Data’s machine learning blog Data science company Domino offers up a bounty of AI-related content on its ML blog, covering industry best practices and subjects like machine learning models and captive learning.

Distill aims to present AI research in a more user-friendly way, incorporating reactive diagrams and compelling graphics that help the reader to more easily understand the research.

Springboard’s AI / machine learning blog If you’re looking for first-hand insight and tips on breaking into the field of AI, you’re right where you belong!

Springboard’s AI and machine learning blog posts include practical guides, tutorials and other bits of career advice on how to transition into a machine learning engineer role.

Drawing on the expertise of industry influencers, O’Reilly’s blog posts show how companies are utilizing AI technology, highlighting the latest ideas, tools, and solutions in the industry.

The Google AI Blog In this company blog, researchers and engineers at Google provide a riveting look at how the tech giant is incorporating AI and ML technology into its products, like its remarkable translation tools.

MIT’s artificial intelligence news This news stream provides the latest on what’s happening in AI at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is considered one of the leading academic institutions in AI research.

Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Blog You’ll find BAIR research findings, AI perspectives, and other content on this blog written by students, post-docs, and faculty of this highly rated UC Berkeley program, which brings together researchers across the areas of computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, planning, and robotics.

On this company blog, DeepMind team members share information on their research, important milestones, and other company news in a clear and compelling fashion.

Scroll through this site and you’ll find a host of intriguing articles on how AI technology is being deployed, as well as educational posts explaining machine learning and other related topics.

news outlet dedicated to covering data science and AI, insideBIGDATA features news stories, white papers, and reports, as well as interviews with data scientists and AI professionals.

Natural Language Processing Blog Hal Daume III, presently a principal researcher at Microsoft, was inspired to create this blog in 2005 after noticing that, while there were machine learning research blogs at the time, he couldn’t find an open forum dedicated to natural language processing.

Analytics Vidhya Analytics Vidhya’s site provides a vast toolbox of educational content for data science professionals, including lots of material focused on AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

Nvidia’s deep learning blog California tech company Nvidia shares its corporate news and announcements, along with other deep learning-related stories on this company blog.

His posts are engaging, easy to understand, and he sometimes incorporates real-life happenings into his blog posts—like applying machine learning to March Madness, for instance—to help explain complex ideas.

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