AI News, Machine-Learning Algorithm Ranks the World's Most Notable Authors

Machine-Learning Algorithm Ranks the World's Most Notable Authors

Public Domain Day, January 1, is the day on which previously copyrighted works become freely available to print, digitize, modify, or reuse in more or less any way.

There is even a website that celebrates this event, announcing all the most notable authors whose works become freely available on that day.

Riddell’s approach is to look at what kind of public domain content the world has focused on in the past and then use this as a guide to find content that people are likely to focus on in the future.

His algorithm extracts information such as the article length, article age, estimated views per day, time elapsed since last revision, and so on.

The algorithm then takes the list of all authors on the online book database and looks for a correlation between the biographical details on Wikipedia and the existence of a digital edition in the public domain.

Of the individuals who died in 1965 and whose work will enter the public domain next January in many parts of the world, the new algorithm picks out TS Eliot as the most highly ranked individual.

It should be handy for finding notable authors in the public domain whose works are not yet available electronically because they have somehow been overlooked.

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