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Image Classification using Keras Motivation Read more… 53 Susan Li in Towards Data Science Dec 17 Machine Learning for Diabetes About one in seven U.S. adults has diabetes now, according to the Centers for Disease Control and… Read more… 315 2

responses Béthy in Towards Data Science Dec 17 Velocious Vehicles and How to Track Them The Road to becoming a self driving car engineer: Part 1 Read more… 113 1

response Sachin Abeywardana in Towards Data Science Oct 1 Sequence to sequence tutorial This is one of the most powerful concepts in deep learning that started off in translation but has since moved on to question answering systems (Siri, Cortana etc.), audio transcribing etc.


In addition to fundamental research activities on data science, the Hub hosts campus-wide discussions of data problems, consulting services to help researchers apply the tools of data analysis and computation, links to educational activities in this area, and a public lecture series on data science and the SILO seminar series.

Become a Citizen Data Scientist | Allison Sagraves | TEDxBuffalo

Using big data to solve problems isn't a job for researchers and academics, it's for anyone who wants to help. Allison Sagraves shows how you can help catalog penguins from your bed, or boost...

Bridge the gap between data scientists and business users

Learn more: Get Tech Talk replays, along with charts, transcripts, and Q&As:

Data Science workflow exercise with footballer ratings

In this video you will learn from William Wolf, (@willwolf_) Teacher in the Data Science course at Platzi, how to predict soccer players' ratings by using an automated machine learning model....

Thomas Davenport on the most 'in demand' job: data scientist

Thomas Davenport, Harvard Business School professor, talks to CIO New Zealand about what he calls the "most in-demand job" of the century: data scientist. Two months ago, a Harvard Business...

Career Lunch & Learn: Getting Started in Data Science - the MIT Way

Would you like to transition into the booming field of data science? But, every time you look there's a new technique to learn, a new MOOC to view, a new machine learning library to master,...

Introduction to R - Part 4.2 Basic Language Features

Here we introduce the built-in interfaces such as reading and writing text data. Download R: Download RStudio: -- At.

The Best Way to Prepare a Dataset Easily

In this video, I go over the 3 steps you need to prepare a dataset to be fed into a machine learning model. (selecting the data, processing it, and transforming it). The example I use is preparing...

Kepler Telescope & Google AI Collaboration

We all know about the major success of Kepler Mission. It could find 1000s of exo-planets and expand the list of them beyond 4000. But that major trouble in this mission is analyzing data....

How the Metis Experience is like Being on a Data Science Team

Irmak Sirer, Metis instructor and partner at DataScope Analytics, describes how the Metis Data Science Bootcamp experience is like being on a data science team? Watch the full interview...

Common Personality Traits Of Self-Made Millionaires

After studying hundreds of people both rich and poor, author Tom Corley says self-made millionaires all have this one personality trait in common that helped them build their wealth. Tom...