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CS341 Presentation: A.I. and Logic programming

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Lecture - 13 Logic Programming : Prolog

Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence by Prof. P. Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more Courses visit ...

Logic Programming

Artificial Intelligence - Logic

Lecture 13 Introduction to Logic Programming Prolog by IIT KHARAGPUR, prof P Dasgupta

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This videos discusses the basic of PROLOG and essentials to start with PROLOG programming.

PROLOG - important topics for exam

I created a PERFECT minesweeper AI

Using the power of MATH and Probability, I was able to create what I believe to be a perfect minesweeper player Become a patreon to support my future content ...

Stephen H Muggleton: Inductive Logic Programming I

Lecture 17, Thursday 5 July 2018, part of the FoPSS Logic and Learning School at FLoC 2018 - see and for .

Propositional Logic in Artificial Intelligence | propositional logic examples | PL (Eng-Hindi) | #2

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