AI News, Loading Terabytes of Data from Postgres into BigQuery Postgres to BigQuery ETL

Loading Terabytes of Data from Postgres into BigQuery Postgres to BigQuery ETL

Despite the fact that an ETL task is pretty challenging when it comes to loading Big Data, there’s still the scenario in which you can load terabytes of data from Postgres into BigQuery relatively easy and very efficiently.

This approach allows for both the creation of very efficient storage on the BigQuery side, and for ease of loading the data source on the storage side.

Let’s create and add the following function in order to upload a single day from a specific table: This function has three arguments: table, columns for selection, and date to upload.

To automate the uploading process we can introduce another function: This upload_table function has 4 arguments: table name, columns for select, start dates, and end dates.

You can make this script parametrized by adding upload_table '$1' '*' '$2' '$3' as the last line so that entire script will be: Don’t forget to $ chmod +x your script.

After it you can run it as The great thing about this script of loading data from Postgres into BigQuery is you can use it to upload just a single day and it can be put in the /etc/cron.daily or /etc/cron.hourly directory so that you can get your data in nearly real time.

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