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The CSS’ Strategic Trends series offers a concise analysis of major developments in world affairs, with a focus on international security.

The four topics covered in Strategic Trends 2019 include trade policy as geopolitics, the shift between the West and non-Western states in the field of defense technologies, Russia's footprint in the Arab world, and Russia's Euro-Asia strategy.

VMware CEO Sets Lofty Open Source Goals

SAN FRANCISCO — VMware hasn’t traditionally had the best reputation in the open source community, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger admits.

“I would hope that over the next couple of years you will see VMware emerge as one of the most open source friendly companies in the enterprise space in the industry,” Gelsinger said during a press briefing at VMworld.

When VMware started talking with Heptio about purchasing that startup, which it eventually did for $550 million, “Joe and Craig said ‘are you guys really serious about open source?

While Kubernetes is definitely the belle of the ball at this year’s VMworld and played a major role in Gelsinger’s opening keynote, the vendor also announced several updates to its hybrid cloud strategy and portfolio on the opening day of the annual conference.

The work will “allow us to fully virtualize and make GPUs and FPGAs a complete and proper element of the compute element we make available through the VMware SDDC [software-defined data center] solution.” VMware and Amazon Web Services still won’t give any customers counts or revenue figures for their hybrid cloud partnership.

They did say, however, that since August 2018, VMware Cloud on AWS customers are up 4x, total VMs are up 9x, the number of partners with VMC Competency is up 3x, and the number of available independent software vendor validated solutions is up 3x.

Capterra Connect: The Latest Marketing News, Articles, and Insights

Too many articles across the web claiming to have earth-shattering news about marketing and marketing technology?

In the face of lackluster sales and a crushing debt of $3 billion dollars, Forbes asks where the company went wrong, where they had success, where they’ve fallen short, and what it all means in the age of influencer marketing.

This article outlines four automation opportunities across sales, marketing, project management, HR, and business analysis that growing companies should evaluate.

A Business Insider investigation uncovered that, one year after Cambridge Analytica harvested data from 50 million Facebook users, your Instagram data could fall victim to the same privacy violations.

Facebook-owned Instagram sent Hyp3r, the consulting firm in question, a sternly worded cease-and-desist letter, but it’s worth noting that the firm is a long-standing official marketing partner of Facebook.

Changes such as Apple’s anti-tracking policy on Safari, which bans the use of third-party cookies, have contributed to an industry-wide feeling of urgency in the hunt for new ways to gather user data.

Big brands seek out creative influencers based on qualitative criteria: brand affinity, content quality, and alignment with the brand message and values.

argues Forbes, “because it enables business systems to operate with granular precision and scalability that simply isn’t possible at a human level.”

Digital marketing company GetResponse partnered with global research firm Demand Metric to analyze the current state of the marketing funnel and identify the biggest pain points.

Zenith’s global brand president Matt James said, “The future of healthcare services lies in data and bleeding-edge technology, and the same is true for healthcare marketing communication.”

If you’re looking to make a job change in the marketing field, here’s some news to keep in mind: Uber laid off nearly a quarter of its global marketing team this week.

Riding the tide of the U.S. women’s soccer team’s tremendous success this season, powerhouse female athletes are coming together on Twitter to advance the culture of sports.

Today, podcasts attract an estimated 90 million listeners per month, which is 32% of the total U.S. population aged 12 and older.

What comes of these privacy concern investigations could signal significant legal lines in the sand for other companies using similar data collection techniques.

California-based Pyze, a company previously focused on low-code or no-code web and mobile app platforms, received handsome funding to expand their platform for AI-driven user analytics and campaign management for multiple marketing channels.

This new feature allows businesses to share what services they provide on their LinkedIn profile page, and allows freelancers and small-business owners to show their individual availability, industry expertise and skills, and geographic location.

HubSpot is gearing up to release a free version of its email marketing service, offering users the ability to send up to 2,000 marketing emails per month and manage up to $1,000 in online ads.

A new study done by The Manifest shows that although it’s more cost-effective than trying to attract new customers, most businesses fail to count customer retention among their top digital marketing goals.

The international hotel group faces a $123 million fine over a 2018 data breach that saw hackers steal the records of 339 million guests.

initiative aims to determine what features people find useful or engaging, which could help inform the company’s larger product strategy going forward.

The Alexa Site Overview service, which serves more than three million unique users each month, can now reveal a brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to reach its audience.

This is a huge opportunity for businesses with limited financial resources to utilize technologies previously available only to businesses that could afford a full analytics team.

Marketers have employed standard traffic arbitrage strategies, buying Facebook ads to acquire traffic that they can then monetize through ads that earn more than the cost of the ads.

Other noteworthy stats from the study include emails tracked worldwide: 61% were read for at least eight seconds, 23% were skimmed, and 15% were just given a glance.

Forbes reports that Generation Z spends two to three times more money shopping on social channels than the average consumer, with Instagram and Snapchat taking the lead, while Generation X prefers shopping on Facebook.

This article cites BrightLocal survey data that shows 58% of consumers conducted voice searches in the past year to learn more about a local business.

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