AI News, Leveraging Machine Learning to DiscoverResearch

Leveraging Machine Learning to DiscoverResearch

By ignoring citation graphs and keywords, you can discover papers and researchers you never knew existed.

For the technically-inclined, the arXiv is a treasure trove of recent research in machine learning, computer science, mathematics and physics.

The arXiv is very effective as a repository, but it desperately lacks any content discovery functionality (this not a critique: as a repository, the arXiv shows how a community can simply bypass research paywalls).  In any case, when I started applying machine learning to content recommendation, the arXiv was at the top of my hit list.

Here is how it works: once you find one paper you are interested in, all those papers that are thematically similar are listed directly below it.

 In all cases, the new paper or researcher had remained undiscovered because of one of tworeasons: Our document model is purposefully blind to both social cliques and keywords —

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