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Artificial Intelligence and Legal Analytics


Applications of Predictive Analytics in Legal | Litigation Analytics, Data Mining & AI | Great Lakes

PredictiveAnalytics | Learn the prediction of outcome or treatment of a case by legal courts of Appeals based on historical data using predictive analytics. Watch ...

Data & Analytics in the Law - NYC - Sep 27 2017

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, smart contracts, machine learning are top of mind and the legal profession is no exception. Law firms are hiring ...

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence A New Legal Sector

Javier de Cendra and Dan Martin Katz discuss the applications of predictive and legal analytics and artificial intelligence in the legal sector. Can court rulings be ...

Artificial Intelligence to Automate Contract Review

Discover how eBrevia artificial intelligence products help legal departments, law firms, consulting and audit companies, real estate firms, and other organizations ...

CNBC GDPR Compliant AI Analytics (3 Min Highlight Interview)

Gary LaFever of Anonos BigPrivacy says many firms are "unaware" of the new analytics and artificial intelligence requirements of upcoming European data ...

Aileen Nielsen - The law and ethics of data driven artificial intelligence

PyData New York City 2017 Slides: This talk is a completely ..

Legal Analytics: This Is Going To Change Everything

Legal analytics, This Is Going To Change Everything. get a free Demo: Legal Analytics-This Is Going To Change ..

How Artificial Intelligence Will Influence the Future of Legal Practice (Rebroadcast)

I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.” – HAL 9000 It's been a long time since 2001 Space Odyssey portrayed HAL (Heuristically ALgorithmic computer) as the ...