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The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Society - Marcus Hutter

On the implications of AI on society now and in the future. Filmed at AGI17 in Melbourne. More about Marcus Hutter: ..

Marcus Hutter - Advances in Universal Artificial Intelligence - AGI17

Abstract: There is great interest in understanding and constructing generally intelligent systems approaching and ultimately exceeding human intelligence.

Marcus Hutter - What is Intelligence? AIXI & Induction

What is Intelligence? Intelligence is a very difficult concept (maybe thats the reason why many people try to avoid it or narrow it down). I've worked on this ...

Marcus Hutter - History of Artificial Intelligence (no music)

Historical Road Bumps - AI Winters ..

Marcus Hutter - Soft Aspects of Hard Intelligence - IJCAI Beijing

Slides Here: Soft Aspects of Hard Intelligence Marcus Hutter - .

Marcus Hutter: Foundations of Intelligent Agents

At Singularity Summit 2010.

Marcus Hutter - Universal Artificial Intelligence - Singularity Summit Australia 2012

Marcus Hutter UAI - Universal Artificial Intelligence Abstract: The approaches to ..

Artificial General Intelligence: Now Is the Time

Google Tech Talks May 30, 2007 ABSTRACT Dr. Ben Goertzel - Artificial General Intelligence: Now Is the Time Essay: ..

The Intelligence Explosion Part I

In this lecture, I talk about David Chalmers seminal paper "The Singularity: A Philosophical Analysis"

Ray Solomonoff paper read by Marcus Hutter - Algorithmic Probability, Heuristic Programming & AGI

Paper: This paper is about Algorithmic Probability (ALP) and Heuristic Programming and ..