AI News, Learning Game of Life with a Convolutional Neural Network

Learning Game of Life with a Convolutional Neural Network

a neural implant, called a 'jewel', is inserted into the brain at birth.

The jewel monitors activity in order to learn how to mimic the behavior of the brain.

a way of building this kind of jewel,

which, after having seen a bunch of iterations of game of life,

of cells, black cells are considered

cells are considered alive, and there are

a few rules for updating the grid which are

For instance, if a dead cell has exactly

three live cells in its $3\times 3$ neighbourhood

A convolutional filter is an operation, together

matrix of weights), which transforms an image

(let's restrict ourselves to grayscale, but

\frac{1}{9} & \frac{1}{9} & \frac{1}{9} \\

\frac{1}{9} & \frac{1}{9} & \frac{1}{9} \\

\frac{1}{9} & \frac{1}{9} & \frac{1}{9}

a series of game of life frames, can learn

The input is a grid with black and white pixels,

$3\times 3$ neighbourhood to a set of filters

(arbitrarily fixed to 20) followed by a rectified linear unit[2].

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