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How to Improve B2B Lead Quality and Drive More Sales

For B2B companies, high-quality leads generated by your company’s digital marketing programs are critical to growing your organization.

Many say the best leads come directly from their sales reps and point to a bevy of reasons why web-generated leads aren’t converting visitors into customers: Today, marketing automation software is the nexus of your company’s sales and marketing functions — following how your prospects engage your digital assets like your website, landing pages or PPC advertising.

Closed loop reporting through marketing automation provides constant feedback on lead quality, such as which leads resulted in new sales, and total revenue generated.

Explore the topics below to better understand how messaging, user flow, content, contact forms, and digital marketing strategy each have a symbiotic impact on lead quality.

Here’s an example of a well-articulated positioning statement: “We help businesses in technology-driven or technical industries, or who provide services to businesses within these industries — including industrial, manufacturing, industrial automation, technology, big data, artificial intelligence, life sciences, med-tech, medical device, pharmaceutical, genomics, and precision medicine.” Additionally, it helps to incorporate detailed reassurance statements in your messaging (two or three sentences) that clarify your offerings and how they produce business results.

Here’s an example: “We help industrial automation companies identify and engage technical buyers with persuasive and effective marketing tactics that help position you as a leading supplier in your industry segment.

The result: you’ll stand apart from your competitors, generate more leads and proposals, and close more business.” The messaging on your site should attract your ideal prospects, and signal unqualified leads that you’re not a fit for them.

You’ll also want to ensure your content and information architecture is intuitive enough that it naturally leads your visitors through a user flow or path that takes them from a surface level to more in-depth information.

Sometimes, unqualified leads are filling out the contact form simply because they weren’t able to deduce whether you’re right for them based on website content.

Even if you’ve nailed your messaging, user flow, and packed your website with compelling content, you still need to nudge your visitors “Past Go” by encouraging them to complete a contact form.

For instance, you can add a few checkboxes or other fields that don’t prevent a prospect from completing the form, but allow you to sort and score leads aided by marketing automation tools.

For example, the phrase “manufacturing website” would display your ad with queries showing widely different search intents such as “websites for manufacturers,” “manufacturing website design,” “coffee maker manufacturer website” and “manufactured homes websites.”
 Although you might logically conclude that people who are served irrelevant ads would read them before clicking, you’re mistaken.

Beyond PPC marketing, you can also use landing pages and display advertising to amplify your communications and engage prospects: No doubt, sales and marketing leaders will continue to debate lead quality for years to come, and in the process hurl blame at each other for declining quality.

Improve Your Customer Relationship With The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder for Facebook Messenger is simply one of the automation products used to engage and interact with leads on Facebook Messenger to convert them into loyal customers for the business.

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20 Best Affiliate Marketing Software Solutions of 2019

Churning out quality products and offering reliable services are no longer enough to secure a solid customer base.

In this article, we will be listing the 20 best affiliate marketing software solutions on the market to help you find the right one for your company.

Affiliate marketing has become an increasingly popular strategy for businesses to generate and convert leads with over 90% of advertisers and publishers saying that affiliate marketing programs are crucial to their operations.

According to a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, 81% of brands are using affiliate marketing as part of their customer acquisition methods of today.

It’s a lot like a mutual relationship, with affiliates being able to produce income by helping sellers broaden their customer reach through the affiliate network.

Whether you are looking for tools to help you build an affiliate network, increase your brand’s visibility, or monitor your campaign, some if not all of these applications would surely be able to cater to your needs.

To help you out, we have listed the 20 best affiliate marketing software solutions to help you find the ideal one for your scheme.

A popular tool among advertising agencies and creative networks, the software offers a robust infrastructure and comprehensive features that can reinforce any type and size of affiliate programs.

Lowest Price: Pro plans start at $299 per month, including 10,000 conversions, extra $0.018 conversion, unlimited users and campaigns, impression tracking, email support and more.

The platform allows you to accurately automate the affiliate payment process from tracking how much you owe each affiliate to sending out the payments.

Equipped to handle over 120 currencies and 6 payment methods in 190 countries, this is great for companies with affiliates across the globe.

What’s more is it has an at-a-glance reporting feature where you can track pending commissions, refund rates, and general affiliate status quickly.

It currently processes transactions in 32 currencies, has real-time currency exchange, and offers translation support for 12 languages, making it ideal for global companies.

It comes equipped with tracking features, campaign automation options, as well as payout management tools so that it is easier to check affiliate performance and make sure that commissions are paid on time.

Offering multiple currency support, anti-fraud detection, and promotional tools, this platform can be integrated with hundreds of CMS, payment gateways and APIs as your business grows.

From affiliate screening to performance monitoring, this platform can easily help you achieve your marketing goals by keeping your affiliate programs in check.

Designed for businesses of all sizes, they pride themselves on creating fast and efficient tools that yield accurate and streamlined results for their clients.

From structuring campaigns to developing ads and data feed, they offer top-of-the-line technologies to help businesses build and grow their affiliate program.

Geared towards measuring, analyzing, and optimizing your affiliate program, this software integrates mobile and desktop data to help you manage your campaigns seamlessly in one platform.

Like other platforms, it offers varying features such as deep link automation, real-time transaction monitoring, and widgets to help you streamline your process, reach untapped markets, and optimize your affiliate program.

Lowest Price: CJ Affiliate offers a variable cost per action pricing scheme, however, they do not provide their pricing details publicly so be sure to contact the vendor for more details.

Focusing on content-driven commerce, this mobile-ready software solution scans various websites for possible links that have potential value and optimizes them to monetize page views and clicks.

More than a tracking system, it helps businesses of all sizes power their network through applications offering prospect management CRM, device targeting, geo-targeting, suppression file management, free proxy detection, and invoicing.

It allows users to buy different types of media in a wide variety of formats, gauge return on investments effectively, adjust bid strategies whenever needed, and get valuable purchasing trend insights in one platform.

It is equipped with smart targeting, fraud detection, conversion rate optimization, and AI smart links to help you optimize your affiliate programs.

Combining marketing, data delivery, and payment processing functionalities in one interface, this platform allows businesses to foster profitable relationships with affiliates as well as expand the reach of their brand.

It also comes equipped with advanced tools for metrics tracking, sales management, content management, and compliance monitoring so you can manage your affiliate programs from end-to-end without hassle.

Marketed to small and large companies alike, this platform lets entrepreneurs provide incentives for referrals in various forms, such as cash, store credit, discounts, or free products.

Inspired by the need to create innovative tools for merchants and affiliates, AvantLink aims to provide better data, reporting, transparency, and support for those utilizing an affiliate marketing strategy.

Accessible via Windows and Mac, this software solution lets you pull reports, create ad campaigns, plan paid placements, and make custom tracking links without having to switch from app to app.

It comes with back-office functionalities that let businesses manage affiliate commissions, retrieve campaign progress reports on demand, as well as automate tedious marketing processes.

As of late, a total of over 8 million leads and sales were generated by the platform, and it has over 75,000 active publishers in at least 165 countries.

Equipped with a simple UI and a powerful set of tools, this platform can help you manage site traffic, monitor customer engagement, as well as keep tabs on the progress of your publishers.

This performance marketing and payment processing platform allows businesses to tap into a large pool of multinational publishers so that they can build their network of affiliates.

What’s more, it goes beyond providing you with essential affiliate tracking tools by offering sophisticated features for fraud detection, KPI monitoring, and smart link monetization.

In case you find that Trackier still isn’t a good fit for you and you want a software with broader coverage, you might want to check out our list of marketing automation solutions instead.

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