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Lab's space program is on the rise

Nascent security challenges, novel scientific discoveries and new technology development opportunities are all part of outer space and in the focus of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's (LLNL) Space Science and Security Program (SSSP).

In parallel, NASA and the nation’s broader space-faring ecosystem are advancing plans for long-endurance human spaceflight, more systematic exploration (or even eventual colonization) of Mars, investigating prospective opportunities for on-orbit manufacturing and assessing the potential for commercial asteroid mining.

For example, LLNL’s extensive suite of test-validated codes are relevant to satellite design and performance, while its computation and artificial intelligence expertise can support the military’s space situational awareness requirements and the civilian sector’s space traffic-management needs.

While some of the program’s professional staff come with a strong space science background, built satellites in private industry, operated satellites or exploited relevant data for defense or intelligence agencies, others are new to the space domain.

This will allow me to apply my ME skills to a new domain.” Her colleague, Timm Wulff, a 20-year Lab employee and electrical engineer, said the class is “like a semester-long course crammed into a week.” It provides a broad overview of “everything revolving around satellites, launches, orbits, maintenance and communications, payload design and optimizing weight and electrical power.” Wertz noted that a principal aim of the course is to help employees understand what it takes to successfully accomplish space missions, which may be risky, expensive and time-intensive.

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