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Some of the biggest names in collaborative robots and automation are providing their support to make sure that this year's event is the best yet.

By getting involved, they are also helping to start conversations and set trends which will frame the world of collaborative robotics for the whole of the next year.

Last year, they gave attendees an in-depth look at their brand new e-Series robots, which we'll be using this year as well.

Instead of being self-contained machines — as with traditional CNC machines and other forms of automation — they are completely customizable.

It solves a common problem that robot users have: teach pendants too easily get scratched, stained, and broken.

The rotary vise can be used to fix workpieces to rotating chucks, whilst the table vise is best for quick changeovers on a fixed table.

This Ohio-based company is part of the Duravant family and provides a series of simple-to-use conveyor solutions to suit any production line.

They first sponsored us back at RUC 2017 where they watched the entrants to our technical challenge trying to tackle the difficulties of integrating a robot in just 24 hours.

This is a great year for Fortinet to be sponsoring the RUC as cobot cybersecurity is a hot topic this year in the world of collaborative robotics.

We've already had blog articles about whether cobots can be hacked and how to protect your cobot from a security breach.

These range from the electromechanical drives —that can provide an extra Degree of Freedom to a cobot — right down to their proximity sensors that detect when products have arrived at the correct location in the robot cell.

With their help, the attendee's at this year's RUC will get a unique hands-on learning experience that will boost their robotics skills and set them up for a productive year with collaborative robots.

Robotiq User Conference 2017 Esben Østergaard

Keynote speaker Esben Østergaard from Universal Robots conference at Robotiq User Conference 2017.

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