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Bays Theorem in hindi | solved example | Artificial Intelligence | #26

Bayes' theorem is a formula that describes how to update the probabilities of hypotheses when given evidence. It follows simply from the axioms of conditional ...

Probabilistic Machine Learning and AI

How can a machine learn from experience? Probabilistic modelling provides a mathematical framework for understanding what learning is, and has therefore ...

Swarming Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence - In easy way

Hey Guys..! Learn swarming in AI in easy way. Please do subscribe and share this video.

Case-Based Reasoning - AI 101

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Types of agent in english | Artificial intelligence series

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Expert system in Artificial intelligence in hindi | Expert System shell | #26

Expert system in Artificial intelligence bohot hi important topic hai dosto. Aksar exam me pucha jata hai expert system, expert system shell etc. To meine kosish ...

What is Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence? - [ML]|[AI]|[Hindi]

Take a dive into the technology of future and understand what they actually do, in this mere 5 minute explanation/differentiation between these two latest ...

Training Neural Networks: Crash Course AI #4

Today we're going to talk about how neurons in a neural network learn by getting their math adjusted, called backpropagation, and how we can optimize ...

Utility Based Agents in Artificial Intelligence in Hindi with real life examples

Link of Simple Reflex agent: Link of Model Reflex agent: ..