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(All) Bill Gates’ Artificial Intelligence Quotes – A Catalogue of His Statements

Earlier this month we released an article featuring all of the AI risk quotes from Elon Musk, and the article was well received.

Many of the articles about Bill’s AI statements make scant mention of his actual words, and many such articles (including those on respected publications such as The Washington Post) simply re-hash his brief mention of the topic in a Reddit AMA in late January of this year.

I imagine I will update this piece on a number of occasions as I find new quotes, or as Emerj readers chime in with additional quotes and videos they’ve found (reach us at info [at] Emerj [dot] com).

Without further ado, here’s everything we could dig up, from oldest to most recent: In this little-known interview, Gates doesn’t seem all that intent on highlighting AI and robotics as particularly dangerous.

Gates begins by mentioning that his views about the risks of artificial intelligence aren’t all that divergent from Musk’s own views, and proceeds to mention Nick Bostrom’s book Superintelligence as a good read on the topic (for interested Emerj fans, Bostrom was interviewed on the Emerj podcast about AI and existential risk in August 2014).

He mentions that once such an algorithm is replicated outside of biology, it has a reasonable likelihood of surpassing human intelligence almost immediately: You’ll be at a superhuman level almost as soon as that algorithm is implanted in silicon.

I’ll aim to do my best to find additional quotes and statements, but if you should find any additional written or video statements from Gates on the topic of AI or AI risk, feel free to email us here at info [at] Emerj [dot] com.