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Kitchen Disruption: Better Food Through Artificial Intelligence

Earlier in the year, IBM became a surprise entrant to the food sector, announcing a partnership with seasonings maker McCormick to 'explore flavor territories more quickly and efficiently using AI to learn and predict new flavor combinations' by collecting data from millions of data points.

This partnership shows how technology is being used to disrupt the food industry by helping develop new products and respond to consumer preferences and offer improved nutrition and flavor.

This could take off even more with better data sharing and standards to map flavors and aromas, opening up new possibilities for 'personalized' foods and recipes that offer better flavor, nutrition, and stainability.

AustraliaI Cook Foods alleges Dandenong council health inspector planted slug in catering firm's kitchen

The owner of the shuttered business, I Cook Foods, even claims a council inspector planted a slug on its premises, which was then used as evidence the company had breached food safety regulations.

Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith, a firm that specialises in federal and state class-action lawsuits, filed a suit against Nintendo'for claims relating to alleged defects in the Joy-Con controllers' for the Switch console.

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But documents reveal that council officers knew within days of the closure that levels of listeria found at the factory were within the range considered safe by the regulator.

Victorian health officials shut down the Sonoun Kimlee Salon in May and have been contacting clients whose names were found in a ledger in the unregistered business to urge them to get blood tests.

The clinic provided potentially hundreds of clients with procedures including tattooing, mole removal, eyelid cutting and skin peels since opening in the back of a jewellery shop at the Springvale Shopping Centre in January 2018.

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The council has since charged I Cook Food's owner, Ian Cook, with 48 breaches of the Food Act, including one charge relating to the slug allegedly found in the kitchen the day before it was closed.

Cook Foods later commissioned a report from a slug expert who found there was an 'extremely low probability' of a slug being found where it allegedly was, in the middle of a hot, dry day.

In one case, the inspector reported being given a coat in the factory's dressing area, while CCTV footage showed the inspector already holding the coat when entering the room.

The council produced a series of scathing inspection reports in the days before and after the factory's closure, saying the site was dirty and that cleaning practices were not up to scratch.

The decision to close I Cook Foods was taken by the state health department, which has defended its decision, saying there was 'strong evidence' at the time of a connection between the strain of listeria found in the dead woman, and in the samples from I Cook Foods.

Kitchen disruption better food through artificial intelligence

Kitchen disruption better food through artificial intelligence Read more Any violation of policy, community guidelines, copyright law or business...

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