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Is Apple Building an AI-Powered Music Label?

In creating iTunes and the iPod in the early 2000s, Apple was doing more than making a gadget -- it became the guardian of consumers' prized music collections.

The iPod wasn't the first portable MP3 player, but it provided a superior user experience with its trademark white color and circular navigation wheel.

Music remained important at Apple with the 2014 acquisition of Beats Electronics, a headphone company, which brought with it music talent Dr. Dre and hit-making record producer Jimmy Iovine.

But Apple has been gaining on Spotify recently, nearly matching Spotify's subscriber count in the U.S. The next potential phase of the music-tech industry tie-up involves a challenge to the big record labels.

To that end, Apple just made another hire through an acquisition (though a much smaller one than Beats), bringing on the founders of a start-up called Asaii to help bolster its new publishing venture.

Right now, Spotify is going after artists not yet on a label, including up-and-coming unknowns and older artists who have regained rights to their music.

By analyzing data from multiple platforms (not just Apple or Spotify), Asaii touted its almost superhuman capabilities in artists and repertoire, the part of music publishing dedicated to discovering and developing new talent.

Whether you like Justin Bieber or not, you can't argue with sales, so this kind of software, if it works as advertised, could be a big deal.  Apparently, Apple thinks there's something here.

Apple's new acquisition (with the Asaii founders who come with it) shows it's joining Spotify in those efforts, with a helping hand from big data and artificial intelligence.

Patently Apple

AI is a key area of technology Apple is expanding into and today we're learning that Apple has acquired music analytics start-up Asaii.

The three principles of the company that are listed on this Asaii page have all updated their LinkedIn Profiles, as noted below, showing that they've been with Apple since the beginning of the month.

The report also talks about a new move by Spotify and how both companies are trying to find ways to win over new artists before the big studios do in order to make more money.

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