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Connecterra expands commercial team in US

With the appointment of Julie Larson as US Regional Sales Director, agtech company Connecterra has expanded its team in North America as of October 1, 2019.

Before joining Connecterra, Julie worked in public relations, marketing and sales in the bovine genetics, animal pharmaceutical and agriculture advertising agency worlds.

She also believes in giving back and paying it forward, volunteering to serve on numerous committees and boards within her community and the agricultural industry.

In addition, due to larger herd sizes per farm, the demand for smart monitoring tools to keep production, animal health and welfare at a high level is increasing”, Larson explains.

The first product developed according to this vision is IDA, an artificial intelligence assistant that gives the farmer valuable insights in the field of health, fertility and management.

This UK startup uses AI to treat rare diseases quickly

The traditional drug discovery model, which is meant to treat rare diseases takes over a decade and consumes a huge investment.

Cambridge-based Healx just announced that it raised $56 million, which is nearly €50.5 million in a Series B funding round led by one of the largest VC firms in Europe Atomico.

By leveraging AI and combining knowledge, expertise, and information, the company can discover new treatments and make them available at clinics within 24 months.

It’s AI platform called Healnet delivers data-driven treatment predictions that shorten the discovery-to-clinic time to as little as 24 months.

This is the world’s leading AI platform, which works on rare diseases and integrates scientific literature, proprietary data, and clinical trial results with a biomedical knowledge graph.