AI News, Kaiser Permanente Marks Completion Of Its Electronic Health Records Implementation

Kaiser Permanente Marks Completion Of Its Electronic Health Records Implementation

Last week, Kaiser Permanente announced that all of its 431 medical offices and 36 hospitals are now equipped with Kaiser Permanente's HealthConnect electronic health record (EHR) system which is based on an Epic Systems EHR.

As noted by its press release, 'The comprehensive health information system securely connects more than 8.6 million people to their physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, personal information, and the latest medical knowledge.

My Health Manager on provides secure access to a personal health record that includes shared access to the KP HealthConnect clinical record and tools designed to help members connect to the people and services they need to stay healthy.

Through My Health Manager, Kaiser Permanente members have timely access to their lab test results, medication information and refill capabilities, summaries of their health conditions, and other important health information at just the click of a mouse.

The technology also allows members to securely e-mail their doctor, often saving them the inconvenience of having to go to a physician's office, or wait on hold to speak with a doctor on the phone.

Kaiser Permanente Completes Electronic Health Record Implementation

KP HealthConnect provides care teams with access to patient information and the latest best practices all in one place to further enhance patient safety and quality care while increasing convenience and coordination.

This milestone is one that we have looked forward to for years, and it is extremely rewarding to have watched an idea, that was questioned by many, turn into a reality.” In addition to increasing communication and data sharing among care teams, KP HealthConnect also empowers patients to manage their own health.

My Health Manager on provides secure access to a personal health record that includes shared access to the KP HealthConnect clinical record and tools designed to help members connect to the people and services they need to stay healthy.

Integrated electronic disease registries already draw on KP HealthConnect data to provide a patient-centered view of various chronic conditions that helps to facilitate the delivery of recommended care, and researchers are looking to the data as they embark on comparative effectiveness studies funded by the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Kaiser Permanente is also working with other health care organizations, such as the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs, to determine ways to securely share patient information from KP HealthConnect through the National Health Information Network when patients are under the care of multiple health systems, and provide permission for record sharing.

Kaiser Permanente Honored for Electronic Health Record Implementation

“We have made a lot of progress in health IT over the past year, including reaching full implementation of our electronic health record, Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect®, and it is an honor to be recognized for that accomplishment with additional Stage 7 Awards,” said Phil Fasano, executive vice president and chief information officer, Kaiser Permanente.

“The Stage 7 Awards value the important role of health IT in improving care and the overall patient experience, the same goals we had in mind when beginning the KP HealthConnect project.” HIMSS Analytics developed the electronic medical record adoption model as a methodology for evaluating the progress and impact of electronic medical record systems for acute care delivery environments.

Additionally, Kaiser Permanente donated its Convergent Medical Terminology to the international health care community last year to encourage the broader adoption of electronic health records and help U.S. providers achieve meaningful use. The

More than 3.3 million Kaiser Permanente members now have access to secure health information management features, including online appointment scheduling and prescription refills, lab test results, eligibility and benefits information, and even children’s immunization records.


Comprehensive Health Information at Your Fingertips Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect®, our comprehensive electronic health record, is one of the largest private electronic health systems in the world.

We’re already seeing advances in the way we prevent manageable diseases from becoming life-threatening crises — in one pilot study, we were able to reduce coronary artery disease deaths by 73 percent.

Our personal health record on is directly connected to KP HealthConnect, empowering members with 24/7 access to their health information and convenient health management tools to email their care providers, schedule appointments and refill prescriptions.

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