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JBV | Nir Vulkan - "Equity crowdfunding: A new phenomena"

JOURNAL OF BUSINESS VENTURING ☆ Volume 5, June 2016, Pages 37-49 "EQUITY CROWDFUNDING: A NEW PHENOMENA" Nir Vulkan, Thomas Åstebro ...

How To Cram For Your Exam (Scientific Tips)

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In conversation with Professor Errko Autio

Professor Erkko Autio is Chair in Technology Venturing and Entrepreneurship and Deputy Head of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department at Imperial ...

Contrarian investing and inventing the future | Josh Wolfe | TEDxWilmingtonSalon

Josh Wolfe shares the framework through which venture capitalists look to invent the future. Hint: it has to do with Star Trek and time. Josh Wolfe is co-founder of ...

Some Basic Ideas In Psychology Regarding Intelligence

There is an accepted definition for intelligence in Psychology and IQ testing is the standard by which general intelligence is measured. Here I discuss some ...

4 Mental Shortcuts That Cloud Your Judgement

These cognitive biases affect how we make decisions–and it often happens subconsciously. My Twitter: Instagram: ..

International Journal of Business Analytics

International Journal of Business Analytics (IJBAN) John Wang (Montclair State University, USA) Now Available Year Established: 2014 Publish Frequency: ...

Why People Blame Others

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Jonathan Zittrain | 'Love the Processor, Hate the Process'

On the occasion of his appointment as the George Bemis Professor of International Law at Harvard Law School, Jonathan Zittrain delivered a lecture entitled, ...

Will This Trick Your Brain? (Color TEST)

Your eyes and brain are pretty amazing! Watch ART vs SCIENCE: Subscribe: Written by Rachel Salt, Gregory .