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Here at Booz Allen, we want to advance the art of data science by continually showing that the most pressing problems can be met by impactful solutions when we harness the power of data and use it for social good.

And the winning approach to drive those insights, innovations, and outcomes is a combination of smart humans and smart algorithms: crowdsourced data science.

The Data Science Bowl has demonstrated how to reach the previously untapped potential of talent around the world, uniting data scientists in the effort to deliver something greater than themselves.

Cross Collaboration: The DSB competitions have forged meaningful connections and productive partnerships within global communities that do not normally intersect – data scientists, technology enthusiasts, and domain-specific organizations – who believe passionately in open data crowdsourcing – to generate solutions.

We’ve created a competitive yet supportive environment where individuals can harness their passion, unleash their curiosity, and amplify their impact to effect change on a global scale.

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