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Boris Johnson, Brexit cheerleader, to become Britain’s next prime minister

LONDON — When Boris Johnson walks through the black enameled door of 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, he will fulfill what his biographers describe as his relentless “blond ambition” to follow his hero, Winston Churchill, into Britain’s top job.

He then galvanized the successful Brexit campaign in 2016, winning himself many fans but also many enemies.  In the results of a leadership contest announced Tuesday, former foreign secretary Johnson captured 92,153 votes to current foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt’s 46,656 — a decisive victory.

Everything you need to know about Britain’s next prime minister.] Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn didn’t let an hour pass before firing his first salvo on Twitter. “Boris Johnson has won the support of fewer than 100,000 unrepresentative Conservative Party members by promising tax cuts for the richest, presenting himself as the bankers’ friend, and pushing for a damaging No Deal Brexit,” he wrote.

He received heavy criticism for seeming to support Trump over Darroch — for failing, as the tabloids put it, to back up “our man in Washington.” [Listen on Post Reports: London bureau chief William Booth on Boris Johnson’s plan to broker a Brexit deal by Halloween.] The transfer of power in London will be quick.

These are our waters & we will protect them.” Political observers are keen to see whether Johnson continues Britain’s effort to salvage the 2015 deal designed to discourage Iran from developing nuclear weapons or bends to U.S. pressure to impose sanctions on Iran.

Johnson joked with the Tory grandees, top donors and party activists at the announcement of his selection on Tuesday: “I read in my Financial Times this morning that there is no incoming leader, no incoming leader has ever faced such a set of daunting circumstances, it said. Well, I look at you this morning and I ask myself, ‘Do you look daunted?

I don’t think you look remotely daunted to me.’ ” Writing in the Telegraph, Johnson said this week that if the Americans could land men on the moon 50 years ago using hand-knit bits of computer code, 21st-century Britain could imagine a way to provide for frictionless trade across the border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, which has been one of the stumbling blocks of the Brexit deal.

According to a torrent of tweets from the meeting, he vowed to make Brexit a “towering success,” rebuild the navy and supply “broadband into every orifice of every home.” [Boris Johnson’s rise could be a preamble to his fall] Nick Hargrave, a former special adviser to May, said the first days are “overwhelming” for all new governments.

He complained that Johnson “flies by the seat of his pants, and is all a bit sort of haphazard and ramshackle.” And he told the BBC that a Johnson-led administration could go “smack into a crisis of government.” Philip Hammond, the chancellor, and David Gauke, the justice secretary, also pledged to quit with Johnson’s ascension.

Trump and Johnson: Allies in Disruption

That’s what they need.” The two men also seemed to be on the same side in a diplomatic row two weeks ago after leaked cables written by the British ambassador to Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, described Mr. Trump as “clumsy and inept.” Mr. Trump responded with a fusillade of tweets attacking the ambassador as “a very stupid guy” and Ms.

Mr. Darroch, after all, had referred to Mr. Trump’s scrapping of the Iran accord as “an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons.” Mr. Trump could ask Mr. Johnson to appoint Nigel Farage, the pro-Brexit right-wing politician, as Britain’s ambassador to Washington.

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