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Artificial Intelligence and you: Will voice rule? Are jobs at risk? Is a Terminator coming?

WRAL TechWire is teaming with, a 10-year-old self-described video agency, to launch today what we believe is a riveting, deep, deep dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence.

So it’s a little bit the same with voice, we can do, for certain use cases you can kind of have a voice system stay in it’s lane and do okay, but if you’re trying to tackle very broad applications, it very easily can get out of whack.

Because again, some of the things people aren’t talking about is in order to have machine learning working in a real world environment, and in a production setting, you need somebody that’s kind of keeping an eye on it over time.

And so for all the jobs that are gonna go away because maybe somebody’s doing a very routine manual task, there’s a new set of jobs that are gonna open up to helping keep the machine learning algorithms trained over time.

So sure there’s gonna be some jobs that go away, I suggest first when you do see a job maybe that gets automated away, answer the question should that have ever been done by a human in the first place?

If we’d have had technology before we would have said of course we don’t want humans doing, looking at a screen for multiple hours throughout the day to try to find small changes, or try to detect if there’s a knife or a gun in a bag.

Because again there’s nothing more detrimental to an organization than not really tackling a problem head on and not really addressing it in an open manner, because again ultimately, I don’t think there’s a story for most companies to be worried about here.

And so that tends to be a concern that often people have, again it’s not something that you should avoid, but I think you should address it head on and just be comforted to know that it’s typically not a concern that you’re gonna be wiping out large portions of your workforce.

Again if you go back to what I was saying before with the rate of innovation that’s growing even faster, to be able to predict what the world’s gonna look like in 30 years, I just don’t think is realistic.

Now again that’s not to say that it won’t happen eventually, but the notion that we’ll be able to create software or robotics that essentially a sentient, has a conscious, and can think and act on its own, that’s still in the realm of sci-fi right now.

It kind of ushers in thoughts of Terminator and all of these things, and again I’m not gonna be one to say that it’s impossible, but I’m just also trying to be realistic about it in that despite all the effort and work that’s gone into trying to simulate what the human brain does, we’re really not even that much closer than we were 10 years ago.

Alexander: This was just a taste, stay tuned as we share the full deep dive interviews we had with each one of our panel of experts and our upcoming episodes focused on specific topics that will transform the way you think about artificial intelligence.

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