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What do fun and games have to do with AI RD? - SiliconANGLE

Artificial intelligence isn’t all fun, games and entertaining gadgets.

When people put trust in AI technologies that aren’t proven 100% reliable, consequences can be tragic.

But some games, toys and low-stakes experimentation are a great way to help produce AI for prime-time, real-life use.

They relish regular contests where they can display how they’ve trained the mini autonomous vehicle to drive faster and more safely around a track.

They discussed the gamefication of AI development. (* Disclosure below.) DeepRacer employs a form of ML called reinforcement learning that improves models through a reward function.

In this way, they can train the car to stay closer to a track’s center line, take fewer turns, etc.

was set by sola@DNP, the first female winner of a DeepRacer contest.) AWS has added sensors to the updated DeepRacer Evo which allow for new ways to train the car.

Huawei sues over ban on rural carriers buying its gear with government funds - SiliconANGLE

today filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in a bid to overturn a ban that prevents rural carriers from using a government fund to buy network equipment from the company.

The Universal Service Fund is a system of telecommunications subsidies and fees managed by the FCC to promote universal access to telecommunications services, in particular to help small carriers provide services to underserved, rural and remote communities.

Song went on to claim that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and other FCC commissioners failed to present any evidence to prove their claim that Huawei constitutes a security threat when making the decision and ignored the facts and objections raised by Huawei and rural carriers.

The complication is that though the government itself has the power to ban companies from its own purchases, it’s not clear that the FCC can ban private enterprise from purchasing Huawei equipment when it provides subsidies to those companies.

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