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Lisa Miracchi

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or “What is the neural basis for cognition?” The argument I will make is that mind answers and brain answers are complementary and non-collapsible.

(UDD) Some philosophers claim that multiple cognitive processes contribute to introspection and some neuroscientists show that multiple cortical systems play a significant role in introspective processing (pluralist-process models).

Although the contributions of these models have been significant in shedding light on introspection, they fail in providing an explanation of (i) how exactly introspection integrates different sources of information and (ii) what specific sources of introspection are in play.

In this work, we claim that introspection is asui generisprocess that orchestrates a plural framework that integrates and combines several routes of sensory-information processing.

We provide the grounds for constructing a model of introspection by determining the information that introspection uses from other mechanisms in accordance with specific empirical cases.

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