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The All Things Risk Podcast

This one is a conversation about personal risk-taking, “skin in the game”, democracy, values, geopolitics and much more.

It is a conversation that resonates based on what is happening across much of the world – particularly the rise of populism and authoritarians like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, and the entrenchment of old hands like Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s Recep Erdogan, to name a few.

We also talk about his becoming a Congressman and getting into politics – including the negative perception people in the Philippines have about their politicians (which of course, is a phenomenon many people have about their politicians across most countries in the world, particularly now!).

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Standards Build Trust: How the International Telecommunication Union Supports Inclusive Sustainable Development

Standards connect us with reliable modes of communication, codes of practice and frameworks for cooperation.

Diverse communities, rich in unique skills and means of production, find mutual benefit in trade and the larger marketplace it creates, but this can only be achieved through the application of common standards.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs)—such as mobile phones, tablets and personal computers—possess a wide variety of features, but all connect and function using the common language provided by international standards.

ITU rules and procedures promote openness and transparency, providing an environment where innovators from competing companies can come together to develop international standards that meet their need for common platforms for ICT growth and innovation.

Technical standards were traditionally most prevalent in ICT and consumer electronics, but they are finding new relevance in supporting ICT-enabled innovation in areas such as energy, transportation, financial services, smart cities and health care.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through Information and Communication Technologies innovation ITU standardization has gained a range of new stakeholders as other industry sectors have scaled up their use of ICTs as enabling technologies to innovate their service offerings and gain efficiency and sustainability.

The standardization arm of ITU has welcomed 44 new members in 2018, including mobile virtual network operators and enablers (MVNOs and MVNEs), over-the-top (OTT) service providers, manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles, telematics and automotive companies, energy utilities, and companies specializing in quantum cryptography and quantum communications.

Capitalizing on convergence: New partnerships to achieve global goals  Once disparate industries are moving into new, shared territory, and they find themselves becoming competitors as well as collaborators.

Connected vehicles and automated driving are quickly moving onto public roads, holding great promise for increased road safety and personal mobility, and for decreased congestion and emissions.

ITU has built an alliance with 15 other United Nations bodies in support of smart sustainable cities, a collaboration that has led more than 50 cities worldwide in measuring their progress using Key Performance Indicators for Smart Sustainable Cities, which are based on ITU standards.

Welcome to the ITU standardization community The ultimate goal of ITU standardization is the establishment of high-quality international standards, developed using an open, inclusive process, meeting the needs of ICT innovators in a wide variety of industry sectors.

The principles underlying the process ensure that all voices are heard, that standardization efforts do not favour particular commercial interests, and that resulting standards have the consensus-derived support of the diverse set of stakeholders that constitute the membership of ITU.

By safeguarding the principles that guide ITU standardization, and welcoming new communities as members, ITU is supporting the emergence of a trusted ICT environment able to support social and economic development in all regions of the world.

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