AI News, Isis videos targeted by artificial intelligence that can detect propaganda before it's uploaded

Isis videos targeted by artificial intelligence that can detect propaganda before it's uploaded

Artificial intelligence technology that can detect Isis videos and prevent them from being uploaded is being released to stop the spread of the “poisonous” material.

We need to prevent all these horrible videos ever getting to the sort of people who can be influenced by them.” Security services have been sounding intensifying warnings over online or “remote” radicalisation amid a record number of terror arrests in the UK.

The terrorist group’s sophisticated output has ranged from gory execution videos to attack instructions, bomb-making guides, calls to arms, ideological teachings and rosy depictions of life inside the so-called Islamic State.

The indicators used by the “advanced machine learning” system are specific to Isis and intend to avoid problems created by YouTube’s broad-brush efforts, which resulted in the removal of evidence of Syrian war crimes.

“We are trying to eliminate this horrific content across the entire web and not just on specific platforms.” John Gibson, the director of data science services at ASI, acknowledged that the software will not prevent Isis uploading videos to its own websites – which are frequently taken down – or on the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

The Home Office paid ASI – which has previously used data to predict bacon sandwich sales on easyJet flights and make buses run on time –£600,000 to create the tool over just five months from the project’s inception in September.

Censorship is limited to contracting the reach of this material and it will never be able to eradicate it from the internet.” The technology is only targeting videos and will not be able to detect Isis magazines, newspapers, photo sets and text-based propaganda.

The terrorist group’s prolific output decreased markedly in October, November and December – in the wake of military operations that drove jihadis out of key strongholds including the Syrian city of Raqqa – but has since recovered to former levels.

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