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These people do not exist. Why websites are churning out fake images of people (and cats)

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From Faces to Kitties to Apartments: GAN Fakes the World

With just a mouse click, you can delight in mega-litters of adorable kitties, admire countless fresh anime characters, or stare into the twinkling eyes of all sorts of beautiful people.

As Synced previously reported, these hyperrealistic images now flooding the Internet come from US chip giant NVIDIA’s StyleGAN, a generative adversarial network based face generator that performs so well that most people can’t distinguish its creations from photos of real people.

University of Washington researchers Jevin West and Carl Bergstrom have created the polling site “Which Face is Real?” which aims “to help you spot these fakes at a single glance.” One emerging consensus on the interactive site seems to be that blurry backgrounds, overly smooth skin, and weird ears are signs to look for when identifying fakes.

We love online in productive cheerful oasis.” Google Software Engineer Christopher Schmidt created the fake rental site: “All of the dynamic content on each listing is generated via a series of different machine-learned AI models.” Schmidt used a language model trained on Airbnb listings to create the text, with data from OpenDateSoft’s Airbnb Listings and a model based on TensorFlow’s Predict Shakespeare with Cloud TPUs.

Independent researcher Gwern Branwen developed “This Waifu Does Not Exist,” a simple static website with 70,000 random StyleGAN faces and 70,000 random GPT-2-small text snippets generated using a random seed 1-70,000 and a long prompt with anime-related words and phrases picked by Branwen.

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