AI News, Is Python Becoming the King of the Data Science Forest?

Is Python Becoming the King of the Data Science Forest?

R has served as the de facto tool used for big data analytics.

According to RedMonk’s bi-annual rankings of the top 20 programming languages, as measured by activity on StackOverflow and GitHub repositories, R is ranked #15 among all programming languages.

Despite R’s apparent success—asMongoDB’sMatt Asayshas argued—while R was once the language of choice for data scientists, it is quickly ceding ground to Python.One of the reasons for a perceived decrease in R’s popularity—it is argued—is itscomplex programming environment that requires special training.According toRobert Muenchenat the University ofTennessee, even for data scientists who possess expertise in statistical tools such asSAS, SPSS and Stata—R remains a tough language to master.

If you are struggling to find qualified data scientists, why not train your existing Python developers to work in your data science teams?

A few years ago, you couldn’t really do statistics in Python unless you wanted to spend most of your time pulling your hair out and wishing Python were more like R (which, is a pretty remarkable confession consideringwhat R is like).

While there is little doubt that Python is going to become a dominant language for data scientists, how is it faring against other languages of the web?

This helps us nuance our understanding and see that while Python has significant traction, given its use in domains other than data science, the demand for R is also on the rise and the latter is not going to become obsolete anytime soon.

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