AI News, Is a masters in Data Science worth it?

Is a masters in Data Science worth it?

This has created the disruption in the market and new data science technique and frameworks has come into being i.e R, Python, ML, NLP, Deep Learning, AI etc.Since every single industry or sector is generating a huge amount of data, it has become the need of an hour to analyse and get the insights out of this Data, which resulted datafication within the organizations.

Instead of going for the short term courses, if somebody opt for well designed masters or equivalent program the learnability and the learning curve will be exponentially high, which will eventually help the individual to secure there career in the highly remunerating field of Data Science.I would like to suggest every single individual following me here on Quora and anybody reading this thread should consider the following points before opting any institutions for further studies:• Industry Alliances: If the institution has alliances with the tech- leaders in the areas, where you are looking forward to enhance your skills, it will give the students/ participants holistic exposure on the technology and it will also impact your overall learning.

downloadHere I would conclude by suggesting that don’t think twice, this is the right time to upgrade your skills in Data Science by enrolling yourself in MS or Post Graduate program in Data Science and launch your career in the fastest growing, highly remunerating and intellectually stimulating fields of Data Science, Big Data, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, NLP, IoT and Cognitive Computing etc.“ Be the change..!” All the best, Ritin Joshi

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