AI News, Is 2016 the year you let robots manage your money?

Is 2016 the year you let robots manage your money?

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We talked about the early days of AI and data mining, and recent applications of data science to financial investing and other domains.

joke with people, I say, 'When I first started looking at finance, the only thing I knew was that prices go up and down.' It was only when I actually went to Morgan Stanley and took time off from academia that I learned about finance and financial markets.

What I really did in that initial experiment is I took all the trades, I appended them with information about the state of the market at the time, and then I cranked it through a genetic algorithm and a tree induction algorithm.

Then there's sort of a space in the middle, which is the part I find most interesting, where there's a lot of action, which is sort of days to weeks holding period.

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