AI News, IoT as a Metaphor

IoT as a Metaphor

IoT is an enabler of THREE high-level objectives: (1)    DO MORE: Whether machines producing more (high throughput) because of less breakdowns or a weekend athlete burning more calories because she is able to keep her heart rate in the fat-burning zone, we are accomplishing more.

(2)    HIGHER QUALITY: By monitoring environmental pollution, cities restrict automobile access into city center for better health outcomes over time.

(3)    BETTER USER EXPERIENCE: In the near future, mass customization will allow me to find eyeglasses with perfect fit at low cost based on video inputs at connected additive manufacturing facilities.

functional description of IoT is a network that “processes” information in the network towards our three objectives.

One can see that “processing” is enabled by a multitude of technologies: IP networking, wireless, chipsets, protocols, security, cloud computing, database technologies, analysis software, visualization and so on.

devices and base IT technologies partially listed in the last paragraph, what is unique and new in IOT is Data Science applications –Data Science applied with the focus on information extraction, insights generation and prescriptive decisions.

major advances in all three in recent years have made IoT and its promise real.  Engineering Data Science (EDS) is the youngest and the least mature of the three.

As such, I tend to look at IoT as a technology framework that underpins ALL businesses and industries of the 21st century.

As I mentioned, EDS is the youngest and fastest evolving portion of IoT today – let us focus where the changes are most rapid.

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