AI News, Investment in artificial intelligence is essential for our future health

Investment in artificial intelligence is essential for our future health

AI has the potential to provide more precise, personalised care, as well as help us to shift our focus from treatment to prevention and tackle some of the world’s biggest global health issues.

The WHO estimates that achieving the health-related targets under the Sustainable Development Goals – from ending tuberculosis to ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services by 2030 – will cost between $134bn-$371bn(£97bn-£270bn)a year over current health spending.

And in low-income countries where mortality rates from car accidents are the highest, the deep neural networks in self-driving cars improve road safety.

A lack of information on the most vulnerable communities – minorities, the poor, those living in rural regions and in emergencies – biases systems.

UN Global Pulse, an initiative that is working to incorporate the newest technology within the development and humanitarian sectors, analysed radio content in Uganda using machine learning to distilpatterns ofmalaria outbreaks, the leading cause of death in the country.

An example is Partnership on AI, which includes prominent tech companies and research institutions alongside a handful of non-profits like Unicef, Human Rights Watch, and the ACLU working to “ensure that applications of AI are beneficial to people and society”.

We need a sustainable, multi-stakeholder ecosystem, working globally and locally, to build the foundational safeguards to maximise the value generated by AI for the whole of society.

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