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Will Costa Group’s artificial intelligence approach bear fruit?

Costa Group Holdings Ltd (ASX: CGC) is introducing artificial intelligence (AI) to its berry farms to optimise conditions and predict yields.

The fruit and vegetable grower will start using the Sensing+ system supplied by agtech company The Yield Technology Solutions to monitor conditions and advise berry farmers of when to feed, water, and harvest the fruit.

Chief executive Harry Debney told The Australian that he believes the technology will allow Costa Group to better understand and manage growing conditions to improve the quantity and quality of yields, stating, “our berries are grown in tunnels and Sensing+ measures the growing conditions in our microclimates and uses AI to give us in tunnel weather predictions.”

Debney said Costa Group was impressed with the accuracy of the system compared to the group’s manual approach, telling The Australian, “accurate yield prediction allows us to optimize our costs and achieve better prices when negotiating with our customers.”

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