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AWS launches Deep Learning Containers and new AI infrastructure options - SiliconANGLE

It consists of popular artificial intelligence tools from the open-source ecosystem that the provider has packaged into Docker containers, allowing them to be easily deployed on different types of AWS compute instances.

Matt Wood (pictured), general manager of artificial intelligence at AWS, said the Deep Learning Containers are intended to help companies quickly set up deep learning environments with optimized container images.

AWS unveiled the bundle in conjunction with a new automation tool for its Redshift data warehouse that likewise aims to reduce administrative overhead for customers. Dubbed Concurrency Scaling, the mechanism can allocate additional processing power when there’s a usage spike and deprovision the extra resources once they’re longer needed. AWS also took the opportunity to officially release its App Mesh network monitoring tool into general availability.   The new features are rolling out alongside a trio of infrastructure options aimed mainly at enterprises that are looking to cut their cloud expenses.

Amazon Web Services unveils pre-packaged containers that make deep learning models easier to run

Customers of Amazon Web Services looking for easier ways to get their deep-learning models into production will be able to take advantage of a new service based around Docker containers.

Anyone following cloud computing over the last few years has heard a lot about artificial intelligence and machine learning, and deep learning is a more sophisticated and complicated type of machine learning that requires a lot of computing power.

However, the people who are experts in this field generally aren’t experts in the also-complicated process of making workloads run reliably at scale on computing resources, which is where AWS Deep Learning Containers comes in, allowing them to fall back on a de facto industry standard to get the job done.

Eye on A.I.— Artificial Intelligence: From Mars to Earth

If you need convincing that artificial intelligence will transform the world, I’d like to take you on a trip to Mars.

Well, not the planet, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s annual invite-only MARS conference last week in Palm Springs that takes its name from its focus on machine learning, automation, robotics, and space.

Over 200 of the world’s leading scientists and technologists gathered to discuss their latest far-out research, a nerve-racking experience for those who presented in front of Bezos himself.

As Daphne Koller, co-founder of online learning service Coursera, explained, the cutting-edge analysis used to parse data collected by computers and sensors will likely bleed further into other areas—in her case the biological sciences.

While the conference clearly inspired the technologists and scientists to think big, their casual conversations on the sidelines revealed that they are still scratching their heads over many facets of artificial intelligence and the potential problems the technology creates.

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