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Interpreting Confidence Intervals

Data science pioneer, founder, author, CEO, investor, with broad spectrum of domain expertise, technical knowledge, and proven success in bringing measurable added value to companies ranging from startups to fortune 100, across multiple industries (finance, Internet, media, IT, security) and domains (data science, operations research, machine learning, computer science, business intelligence, statistics, applied mathematics, growth hacking, IoT). Vincent

developed and deployed new techniques such as hidden decision trees (for scoring and fraud detection), automated tagging, indexing and clustering of large document repositories, black-box, scalable, simple, noise-resistant regression known as the Jackknife Regression (fit for black-box, real-time or automated data processing), model-free confidence intervals, bucketisation, combinatorial feature selection algorithms, detecting causation not correlations, and generally speaking, the invention of a set of consistent robust statistical / machine learning techniques that can be understood, implemented, interpreted, leveraged and fine-tuned by the non-expert.

Ryan West, Codifying Data Science Intuition

Ryan West is a Machine Learning Engineer at Nexosis, Inc. He has worked on implementing traditional data science workflows into Nexosis' automated ...

Anomaly Detection - Nick Radcliffe

PyData London 2018 Stochastic Solutions is producing a course on Anomaly Detection in Python for DataCamp. This workshop will give a preview of part of that ...

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection with Isolation Forest - Elena Sharova

PyData London 2018 This talk will focus on the importance of correctly defining an anomaly when conducting anomaly detection using unsupervised machine ...

The future of data science

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Nina Zakharenko - Elegant Solutions For Everyday Python Problems - PyCon 2018

Speaker: Nina Zakharenko Are you an intermediate python developer looking to level up? Luckily, python provides us with a unique set of tools to make our ...

Games, Privacy and Distributed Inference for the Smart Grid - Vincent Poor - Technion lecture

Games, Privacy and Distributed Inference for the Smart Grid - Lecture by Prof. Vincent Poor of Princeton University given at Technion's Faculty of Electrical ...

Seeing Behaviors as Humans Do׃ Uncovering Hidden Patterns in Time Series Data w⁄ Deep Networks

Time-series (longitudinal) data occurs in nearly every aspect of our lives; including customer activity on a website, financial transactions, sensor/IoT data.

Larry Hastings - Solve Your Problem With Sloppy Python - PyCon 2018

Speaker: Larry Hastings Stop writing crappy shell scripts—write crappy Python scripts instead! Other talks will show you how to write clean, performant, robust ...

Douglas Blank - Jupyter Tools for Teaching and Learning - PyCon 2018

Speaker: Douglas Blank Project Jupyter is the center of a set of technologies that grew out of simple tools to make Python easier to use. Today, Jupyter is ...

Finding and interrogating historical data – Understanding Shell Shock (1/4)

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