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Customer Service Is Three Times Faster When AI Bots, Humans Work Together

“It’s the convergence of these technologies that provide the opportunity for a better experience, as well as the ability to apply machine learning technologies to create an ever-learning enterprise, applying knowledge and skills acquired from that machine learning technology to create the Intelligent Enterprise,” said Shawn Brodersen, global vice president and SAP CTO at HCL Technologies Ltd.

“Companies can see what these digital workers are doing as they log into the SAP S/4 HANA system, select the right fields and populate them with the machine learning information from the invoices, and send the business process rolling.” While some naysayers pit humans versus machines, Noga showed how the combination of conversations between people and bots amplified the power of voice in important places like customer service.

“[They] are realizing substantial customer service improvements by using bots in their day-to-day client service operations…90 percent first-call resolution rates, 90 percent first-time-right call routing, three times faster conversations when handled by an ensemble of bots and humans.” What’s more, bots are getting even simpler to build, acting on company rules and permissions.

“We’re [also] helping automobile vendors and manufacturers understand prices on the used market in a much more precise way, combining historical sales data with image-based insights to the state of the vehicle today… transforming the game from data to intelligence.” Lost in some of the fear-based conversations about AI is the incredible combined power of these advancements.

Conversational AI: the Growing Potential of Chatbots and Intelligent Personal Assistants for Businesses

Infopulse team has recently developed Chat&Fly — a multilingual travel assistant that helps users find and purchase the best airfare.

Chat&Fly will make casual chit-chat (this feature is currently available only in English) while processing the travel request and prompt the user to check out the weather forecast at their destination as a quick after-service delight.

They alleviate the common barriers between consumers and buying products online: multi-page order forms, payment processing, poor on-site search experience.

Chatbots bring the online shopping experience closer to the physical realm: instead of pressing buttons, you engage in a friendly chit-chat and receive personalized suggestions from an assistant who understands what you need.

Tobi, Vodafone’s chatbot, tasked to handle end-to-end SIM card sales, has proved to be a tremendously profitable sales channel for the company: Julie, an online chatbot, deployed by The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) in the US, was trained to handle both customer support queries and facilitate the sales process.

Expensify — one of the leading business expense management tools — recently deployed an AI assistant app to assist new users with onboarding and product discovery.

Thanks to recent advances in ML and NLP, businesses can now develop more intelligent algorithms, capable of assisting with more complex tasks — for instance, streamline the hiring process.

The assistant asks a series of predefined questions, captures responses, answers candidate’s questions and delivers tips and progress updates to potential hires.

Up to date, some of the best AI chatbots on the market are those automating the common internal workflows such as: At present state conversational artificial intelligence can be effectively applied to enhance any arduous process or business task into one that allows all parties to become more productive and engaged.

To design and develop a truly delightful and efficient assistant, businesses need to carefully consider several facets: The majority of users today may have a positive attitude towards conversational AI platforms, but they have a low tolerance for annoying, unhelpful and glitchy chatbots.

Every time a user engages with your AI assistant, they are open to giving away an enormous amount of valuable information you could apply towards product development, personalization, and marketing.

Free flow conversations should be carefully curated and structured by designers to ensure that your assistant is asking the right questions and receives the necessary data for processing a request.

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