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LV 185.A83 Machine Learning for Health Informatics (Class of 2019)

Lecture Outline: Medical action is permanent decsion making under uncertainty within limited time (“5 -Minutes”).

However, even if we understand the underlying mathematical and theoretical principles, it is difficult to re-enact and to answer the question of why a certain machine decision has been reached.

A general serious drawback is that such models have no explicit declarative knowledge representation, hence have difficulty in generating the required explanatory structures – the context – which considerably limits the achievement of their full potential.

Lecture Keywords: clinical decsion making, transparency, re-traceability, re-enaction, re-producibility, explainability Topic 01 Decison Support Systems (DSS): Can Computers help making better decisions?

please note that for the 2019 exam of course the 2019 slides are relevant Learning Goals: At the end of this lecture the students … +