AI News, Insight expands to Canada, launching Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Fellows Programs in Toronto

Insight expands to Canada, launching Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Fellows Programs in Toronto

In addition to the data and AI team leads from the companies and organizations listed above, Insight Fellows in Toronto will have the opportunity to learn from key leaders who have helped shape the development of our first Canadian program, including Angela Tran Kingyens (Version One), Kathryn Hume (, Jason Stanley (Element AI), Parinaz Sobhani and Madalin Mihailescu (Georgian Partners), Vince Wong (, and Amir Hajian (Thomson Reuters), among others.

Additionally, these Fellows will benefit from the expertise of our strong alumni network across North America, via mentoring from data science and AI alums at companies such as Facebook, Salesforce, Bloomberg, LinkedIn, and many others.

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