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Insight Fellows solve real problems for real companies, and organizations get extra hands on data work to impact their organization.

However, many young companies struggle to fully pursue the possibilities of using data within their organizations — either they are too early to start building a dedicated team, or are growing so quickly that they have more projects than their own data scientists can handle.

These Fellows come to Insight with years of programming and quantitative experience, some from academic research backgrounds ranging from physics to systems biology to engineering, and some from prior industry work as software engineers and AI researchers.

Projects have spanned the areas of data science, data engineering, artificial intelligence, and health data — ranging from predictive analytics on customer metrics, to activity recognition in biosensor data, to building out data processing infrastructures, to deep learning for natural language applications.

How can someone get into the Insight Data Science Fellows Program?

Having just been accepted into the January 2017 NYC program at Insight, I can describe a brief set of things that went well in my experience and were commented on in my interview process.

This is mostly for people that have been selected for interviews - since there is little feedback prior to having an interview, I do not feel qualified to comment much on how to get to the interview stage.

In the interview, they asked for a demo of my work environment on a small data science problem - I coded up something simple specifically for Insight.

For me, this included showing that I could pose a “research question”, prepare a good data set, choose an analysis technique, select metrics to measure success, and then carry out an analysis and present data graphically.

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