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Computing, but not as you know it

AI has provided computers with near-human levels of data perception, and neuromorphic computing aims to take this a step further – chips directly inspired by biological neural circuits so they can process new knowledge, adapt, and learn in real time at low power levels.

Artificial Intelligence in Home Robots – Current and Future Use-Cases

The International Federation of Robotics reports that the U.S. service robot industry, which includes both industrial and domestic sectors, is a $5.2 billion market.

The video below briefly explains the product and its features: Sharp Corporation’s RX-V100 RX-V100 is a cleaning robot embedded with a speech recognition AI engine to enable tasks such as reporting the current status of the robot through a combination of blinking lights and spoken messages.

In addition to this, the product comes with a set of predefined messages and responses to simulate simple conversations, such as “Good Morning” or “How’s it going?” Here’s a 3-minute marketing video from Sharp, featuring some of the basic use cases and capabilities of the RX-V100 model: Bosch Roxxter Bosch launched its Roxxter range of robotic vacuum cleaners that leverage AI to draw interactive maps of their environment.

For example, a user can activate the Roxxter robot by commanding Alexa: “Alexa, move the Home Connect robot vacuum to the living room.” This is a 2-minute video from Bosch showing the product’s features: Other key players in this home cleaning robot segment include Dyson, Samsung and Neato.

2017 World Robotics report estimates that entertainment robots (toys or hobby robots) sold 2.5 million units in 2017, bringing in a revenue of $1.1 billion.

It can “understand” the users’ facial expressions, vocal intonations and verbal patterns via computer vision, microphone array technology and an “emotion character engine,” and proactively start conversations rather than reacting to users’ commands.

The video below suggests that Olly can simulate human emotions like empathy (it appears to “see” a user resting his head on the couch and asks him, “Long day?”) and predict the music the user might want to listen to according to their mood.

short video of the product is presented below: Deep Sentinel Deep Sentinel is an American company that aims to sell AI-powered home security and surveillance solutions, which can “predict and disrupt crimes before they occur.” The company claims that it has “optimized AI technology” to trigger alert systems even before a potential crime occurs.

Paraphrasing a 2017 TechCrunch article about the firm: Deep sentinel aims to expand the home security and surveillance market by moving the security line to the perimeter of a property rather than the perimeter of a home.

(We’ve covered AI security applications in much greater depth in our complete article on AI in security.) Minnesota-based VC firm Loup Ventures estimates (with the IFR) that by 2025 the robotic vacuum and lawn mower hardware markets will grow to $2.6 billion and $1 billion, respectively.

Stanford report titled “Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030” predicts that integration of emerging AI technologies in robotics—such as speech recognition, natural language understanding, and image labeling—would enable faster adoption of domestic robots by 2030.

One could imagine many such personal data issues: As home robots become ubiquitous, many of these hypothetical risks are likely to come to public attention, and it seems likely that regulations and rules will be establish to protect users (though it’s likely that companies will be incentivized to collect and use the data anyway, if it behooves them to do so).

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